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The Week Without Poutine - January 27

Posted by Luc / January 27, 2011

20110127_Blog_final6.jpg Let's start this week with an appeal: WE NEED MORE BLOGS TO READ! Simply Google searching "Montreal Blogs" is not enough, and we need you (the faithful anti-Jeremites) to let us what your favorite Montreal blogs are so that we can feature them here! Please email me with some sweet URLs!

Down to business. Big news this week in Montreal! Ben Cahoon retired from the CFL to the severe chagrin of the handful of CFL fans. He leaves the CFL as arguably the best receiver to ever play, which is kind of like saying someone was the best damn understudy to ever not-act on broadway.

Speaking of sports, check out, which I found courtesy of Montreal On The Cheap. This site keeps you up to date on which rinks are open and cleared, and which you can skate and/or play hockey on.

"Fascination: Be a Kid Again" - ModeTrotterBlog
Trotter shows off the latest work from Tarik Mikou, a Montreal based graphic designer, who photoshopped celebrities of the past with some bright colors and other fancy effect. All jokes aside, these are actually quite wonderful. 20110127_Blog_final1.jpg

"We don't care if it's true journalism" - Fagstein
This week, Fagstein wrote about Internet sensation Craig Rowin, who politely asked for one million dollars on youtube and claims to have received it. Fagstein takes this opportunity to point out how journalism has changed drastically and how the intrigue of the story has taken precedence over concrete fact-reporting. 'Stein also blogged this fun little infograph about Le Journal De Montréal's serious labor issues. Geez, could you imagine this happening in sports? Oh's about to happen to two different leagues! 20110127_Blog_final5.jpg

"Rethinking startup originality" - NextMontreal
Clearly, midnight poutine needs to feature more corporate-business type content. It's obviously our mandate that we chose to ignore. But seriously, NextMontreal is a fabulous site considering how rich this city is when it comes to small business start up. It won't be long before the next Twitter, Foursquare, or Groupon comes out of our fair city, and guaranteed it will come from someone at least half-involved with NextMontreal. Check out their weekly events, as well as this post about how creative your idea may or may not be. 20110127_Blog_final4.jpg

Giamatti loves Montreal - TourismMontreal
After he won best actor for a movie no one has ever heard of, Paul Giamatti praised Montreal for being awesome (since he shot the film here). And that's...fascinating, I guess. Tourism also blogged about Detroit based Techno producer Carl Craig gracing the masses with his presence and tunes last Thursday at Igloofest. 20110127_Blog_final3.jpg

"Malajube nous fait découvrir sa caverne!" - BangBangBlog
Bang Bang brings us some brand new video features from Montreal signature band Malajube, who you may remember from the song "Montréal -40c" which was used in pretty much every TV ad conceivable. The features are really just teasers for their upcoming album La Caverne, set to come out in this April. 20110127_Blog_final2.jpg

Yes we are Canadian. Yes Canada is awesome. But no, Canadian provinces' individual GDPs do not rank up to those of other countries in the world. The United States however...Check out the full article on The Economist here.

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So last week I subjected you to that god awful John Lennon Makes a Cappuccino video, and this week I will reward you for your patience with this wonderful video of a live action Little Big Planet. It's a quasi-viral hit (230,000+ views in a week), and was created by some pals of mine in Toronto.

Header photo courtesy of MyModerMet and their post about North Korean Pop Art.



Savanah / January 27, 2011 at 07:58 pm
Midnight Poutine is definitely my favourite Montreal blog already.... but here are a few other lifestyle blogs that I love that are written by Montrealers:

Lake Jane:
Hey, Lady Grey:
Crazy Sweet Life:
The Goodie Life:
Chris 'Zeke' Hand / January 28, 2011 at 11:56 am

On Mondays I podcast about art here in Montreal: and then the rest of the week I post about art stuff I read about on the interent.

On Wednesdays I podcast about hambugers here in Montreal: and then the rest of the week I post about burger stuff I read about on the internet

On Thursdays I podcast about Dance in Montreal: and the rest of the week I post about dance stuff I see and read on the internet.

Everyday of the week there is a new, long form review of an art exhibit here in Montreal (I'm the editor and sometime contributor):

-Chris 'Zeke' Hand
Jasmine Giraffe / January 30, 2011 at 12:09 am
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Jasmine Giraffe / January 30, 2011 at 08:07 pm
Sorry and the link:

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