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You Had Me at Poutine - The Day has Come

Posted by Luc / February 14, 2011

20110214_mmpix_vday.jpg The Day has finally arrived. It's time for you to put all the great advice I gave you last week to use and impress your special somebody. Or be madly #ForeverAlone. Either way, I hope you found the You Had Me at Poutine series insightful, if not helpful, if not absolutely ludicrous that they would let me write this stuff.

To recap, let's check the articles you may have missed:

How To Treat Your Man

How To Treat Your Woman

Single on Valentine's Day

Meeting that Special Someone


As promised, it's time for the user submitted Questions/tips/stories. Let's start with the questions.

How do you meet someone that isn't as old as your father and think you're cute because your Anglo French accent is cute? I've spent too many moments at my front door or at the metro saying good-bye to someone with an awkward kiss on both cheeks before making the excuse that the metro car was coming and running for my life/shutting the door quickly behind me. - Anonymous

Thanks for the submission, anonymous dedicated reader. You gotta start looking in unconventional places, such as Romados chicken. Or maybe just open up your mind a bit and sign up for Why settle for a boy with a car when you can have a man with a boat? Moving along...

Whenever I return home to Montreal, it takes all of five minutes to spot a young Montréalaise I fall in love with. Whether it's the girl in a fashionable tuque snow shoveling a steel death trap staircase, or a girl named Marie (it's ALWAYS a Marie) riding her bicycle with the requisite milk crate strapped on the back, or the girl (who may or may not be named Marie - maybe Nathalie) coming home with me after a show, but first stopping for a gratinée at Fameux, love in the city of poutine and Du Mauriers is a special, sensual beast. -BM

Looks like the reader who submitted the first question needs to meet the reader who submitted this statement. He doesn't sound too old, nor awkward, so you won't have to run for your life.


Well that's it for the user submitted content. I received about 93 emails, but 91 of them were love letters to me. I'm pretty much the new Bieber. Or Arcade Fire...?

In closing, the most important thing on Valentine's Day is to do what feels right and tell someone how you really feel, whether they are your boo or your crush. Then find something appropriate to match how you feel. My lady and I ordered us some fancy headhoods (pictured in the banner photo). Yeah, we're that couple when we go out.

I'll let The Evolution of Nicholas Cage's hair play us out (what does that mean to play us out!). As Jerry Springer always said, take care of yourselves, and each other.

Header Photo courtesy of HeadHoods and their magical hoodies.

Found this wicked article on Technorati about why Valentine's Day is bad for your relationship. Notably this quote:

Need more proof of why Valentines Day is bad for relationships? Just last year in 2010, The Canadian Adultery site, Ashley Madison, reported a spike of new registrations from both men and women the day after Valentines Day.

You're kidding me! is a Canadian website!??!?!?



Sarah / February 14, 2011 at 01:44 pm
I <3 the video!!! I actually laughed out loud the whole time and was clapping my hands in the end... *insert forever-alone link here*
Ladygrey / February 14, 2011 at 02:22 pm
Loved this series. You guys are hilarious.
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