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You Had Me at Poutine - Top 10 Day After Valentine's Things

Posted by Luc / February 15, 2011

20110215_mmpix_loveweekfeb15.jpg OOOOHH, WHAT!?!?! You thought we were all done yesterday with the You Had Me at Poutine series? You thought WRONG son! This is the bonus article, coming your way courtesy of my lack of anything resembling a social schedule.

This is gonna be short and sweet. Yeah, I know that's what she said, except I left before she could say it. BOOM

The day after Valentine's Day provides for many different emotions. Couples actually end up evaluating and judging their relationship, rather than celebrating it. The single people either wallow endlessly in the depths of winter and the hopelessness of their love life, or re-affirm their ever-lasting solidarity. Well, on the outside at least.

Personally, I'm going to spent most of my work day running from one meeting to the next, followed by a hard session at the gym, seeing as how my girlfriend has agreed to continue dating me. Even after I shaved my pubes into a mustache and presented my package to her for Valentine's Day. Speaking of her, she effing Internet pwned me hard last night, when she posted a Youtube EpicMealTime video I had never seen on my facebook wall. gf FTW!

Here are the Top 10 Things that you might be thinking about the day after Valentine's Day:

10. "I should go for a walk on Mont-Royal"
We went over this. The day after Valentine's is even lonelier than the actual day. Don't do this. I'm gonna go for a run on the mountain just to make sure you aren't there.

9. "I should try SeaCaptainDate"
Or any other dating sites. I know we had a lot of fun the other day with these, but I highly recommend them. If anything, you'll end up with a good idea of what kind of people are out there, and a trashy reputation.

8. "I'm not interesting enough"
It's true. But there is no better place to make yourself fun and pick up a new hobby than Montreal. Join a bike Co-Op (I like the Concordia one). Join a soccer league (CMSS?). Start taking pictures of sunsets over Olympic Stadium. Write to Jer and ask if you can write for MP, so you can be just like your idol (me).

7. "I'm gonna ask out my crush"
Dumb. Valentine's is YESTERDAY, not TOMORROW. This is the most un-clutch thing you could do.

6. "I want some Romados Chicken"
Now you're talking.

5. "Sex with my ex"

Repeat offending. Don't you fucking dare. The sin of all sins.

4. "I'm happy with the current state of my love life"
No. Shut up. You're not thinking that. Mainly because you're thinking...

3. "Spring will make things better"
Spring/Summer time is absolutely fabulous in Montreal. The patios open excessively early (we're talking late March early), the ladaayyzzzzz come out, and everyone's in a good mood. Knowing this will happen in about 6 weeks may provide a false sense of hope that things will get better in your single-ness or your relationship. For the latter, you're wrong, mainly because...

2. "It's Breakup Season"
It happened to me two years ago. It can happen to you. You have the power. Like Captain Planet, and this clip where he stops the Foo-Manchu-Hitler from deploying the A-bomb.

1. "I should check out"
Yesterday I found out this website experienced a spike in memberships right after Valentine's Day, and I want to contribute to this as much as possible by sending all of you to it.

Here are some other hilarious sadness photos that I found on the same site as the header pic. The site is Pixdaus.

The last one is from my personal collection.

Who the fuck goes out of their way to make a video like this? I hate the internet sometimes.

***************DOUBLE BONUS****************
Disregard the last video. This is much, MUCH, worse.



Jer / February 15, 2011 at 11:21 am
I know it's un-clutch, but uhhh, what are you up tonight?
Gabby / February 16, 2011 at 06:55 pm
If there was a like button, I'd abuse it.
Sarah / February 17, 2011 at 09:52 am
I completely lost it laughing when I saw Jer in the heart! oh boy!

p.s. for all you non-staff readers, Jer is our music editor and I think we all have little heart-bubble dreams about him from time to time. <3 Jer!
Brandon / February 4, 2015 at 08:49 am
I always tried not to let meyslf get too crazy over timing like that (TRY being the main word here!). You just do the best you can-- you could also O late from the traveling. But I feel your pain. After being ready for ages and ages, we finally got to the first month we were planning to TTC-- and DH had an unexpected week long business trip that turned into 2 weeks, with my O right in the middle. I knew it was only one month but it was SO annoying.
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