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The Week Without Poutine - September 28

Posted by Luc / September 27, 2011


The Week Without Poutine has returned just in time to fill your upcoming dreary Winter with the best of the rest from around the Montreal blogosphere.

Not familiar with The Week Without Poutine? It's simple really - we here at MP acknowledge the fact that our blog is insanely and undoubtedly awesome, but that you might be hard pressed to find anything else as awesome out there. So instead of having you bother with reading other Montreal blogs, we provide you with the best they had to offer in the past week!

If you know of a great local blog or tumblr you think we should follow, don't hesitate to send it in! Email me at or tweet me up @lgdoucet.

Here we go!

Tales of Gentrification in a Bohemian City - Spacing Montreal
Good post about the documentary of the same name by Adam Benna, which can also be found in the article (embedded on YouTube). Double as interesting for me since I just moved to Point St-Charles and I'm experiencing the sharp mix of middle-class families, former CN train yard folks, and a surprising amount of Anglophones.

Bike Counters Find Cycling Trips Have Doubled on Laurier Ave - Spacing Montreal
I love Spacing Montreal because you get articles you wouldn't find anywhere else about the organics that make up our city. This article studies the increased bike traffic on Laurier and in the city in General, and even mentions a bicycle barometer in Ottawa that will measure how many bikes are in one place at any given time!

Magic of Lanterns, until October 31, 2011 - Montreal on the cheap
Ok this one's not really a blog post, but Montreal on the cheap has some wicked content about all the fun near-free stuff going on around the city. This post in particular details all the events surrounding the lanterns fest.

Pop Montreal Basketball game with Arcade Fire and Friends - Tourism Montreal
Holy shit, Win Butler plays basketball. And he plays it really well. Check this article on Montreal Tourism detailing the Pop Montreal event which also featured Kid Koala, Matt Bonner (NBA player) and others.

Should French accents be included on .ca domain names? - Next Montreal
This would change everything here in Quebec, forever. For example: would law 101 apply to this? Would your company have to list its website URL in French and in English? Geez...

This is fucking awesome and you have to wonder how no one had ever come up with this. These guys recently raised over $200,000 on Kickstarter, and if you purchase a pair you will basically be riding the Tron Cycle.

revolights. join the revolution. from revolights on Vimeo.

Photo courtesy of RevoLights



Adam Bemma / March 2, 2012 at 03:14 pm
Hey Midnight Poutine,

It's great that you mentioned my film, Tales of Gentrification in a Bohemian City, but my name is spelled Adam Bemma, two 'm's not 'n's.

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