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The Week Without Poutine - October 11

Posted by Luc / October 11, 2011

This Week Without Poutine is one full of past and current day politics, along with some outdoor photo blogging and the future of our collective power.

Not familiar with The Week Without Poutine? It's simple really - we here at MP acknowledge the fact that our blog is insanely and undoubtedly awesome, but that you might be hard pressed to find anything else as awesome out there. So instead of having you bother with reading other Montreal blogs, we provide you with the best they had to offer in the past week!

Sidenote: If you own a blog or know of one that is local and awesome, send it my way at

The contradictory stock photo - Fagstein
Good ol' Fagstein makes an acute observation of how two ads being run by separate organizations (one being the right winged Sun News Network and the other the Government of Quebec promoting assistance to seniors) use the exact same stock photo of a very nice looking elderly woman.

Action: The October Crisis of 1970 - Unfuckwithable
Being a city full of non-native Montrealers, its important for the newcomers and in-betweeners living here to understand the nature and history of the city's bilingual culture, rather than just live it every day in its current 2011 watered down form. Unfuckwithable posts a classic documentary about 1970's Black October, and you should watch it if you don't know what I mean by Black October.

How MESH is changing cities - Spacing Montreal
Curious about how strong the collective power of the internet will become in the new few years? Spacing lays it all down, using the Port Lands debacle in Toronto to shed some light on a few well informed and influential individuals can truly play a hand in local politics via the power of MESH cities. You will also realize what IBM and Cisco have been up to this whole time while everyone else made iPads.

Lately up north... it's rather colourful! - Hey Lady Grey
I love reading Lady Grey's blog. Why? Because its one of the only personal blogs I've seen around these parts that actually regularly updates about cultural tastes and fun activities with photos and full length posts. It's a great example of how simply posting something once a week on a Tumblr is not really blogging, and how personal content can still thrive in a web-specific-content world. This post is the outdoor country-side fun that can be had in October, and should inspire you to get out there before the temperature really drops.

Extraordinary Burning Man Scenes - My Modern Met
Warning: reading this post will make you wish Quebec had something similar. I mean Carnaval and Crashed Ice are pretty cool up in Quebec City, and Osheaga/Pop Montreal draws big names, but Burning Man just looks mind blowing.

Photo taken from My Modern Met, courtesy photographer Scott London



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