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The Week Without Poutine - November 4

Posted by Luc / November 4, 2011

20111104_mmpix_weekwithoutnov4.jpg Even though this digital column is focused on Montreal-centric blog content, I also like to pride myself on updating our dear readers on new internet trends. And by internet trends, I mean hilarious memes. This week, the best one is easily The Steve Jobs Biography Just Likes To Watch, a tasteful meme depicting the Steve Jobs biography creeping people as they go about their every day business.

Also, just in case you missed it and you're nervous about what your costume will be in 2012 (and nervous about the current state of my love life), check out The Top 10 Halloween Costumes 2011 Edition.

Here's what you missed this week elsewhere in the Montreal blogosphere:

What's wrong with this picture? - Spacing Montreal
Jacob over at Spacing provides a chart of how much Quebec spends on highway maintenance vs transit maintenance, and the result is not pretty. The current state of our overpasses makes this article even more alarming.

3 Montreal restaurants named best in Canada - Tourism Montreal
Well would you look at that! Montreal is being recognized for its gastronomy! Who woulda thought, eh? Although this post on Montreal Tourism once again re-affirms that Montreal is known for its excellent food (and not yet its shoddy highways), I do question the restaurants on this list. Mainly since I've never been to any of those three. Mainly because I spend my days at New System and Buns.

Vin Diesel and his Montreal woes - Coolopolis
I'm not exactly sure what this post is about, aside than some guy who saw Vin Diesel in Westmount back in December, but it should be noted that I'm really digging the Coolopolis posts lately, and also that Vin Diesel has more Facebook fans that anyone else. Ever.

Occupy Montreal - Montreal City Weblog
We have barely mentionned Occupy Montreal on Midnight Poutine, and that trend may not change any time soon. However, Montreal City Weblog talks about it a whole bunch, so check out this post on the latest happening at Occupy Montreal! And don't forget to #OccupySesameStreet

This video of boeing 767 landing without wheels.

Header photo of OccupyMontreal courtesy of YesWeFight



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