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Citizen Vintage to host Movember fundraiser tonight with artists, DJs and door prizes

Posted by Greg / November 21, 2012

20121121-CitizenVintage.jpgIt's hard not to love Citizen Vintage. What's better than a business started by three enterprising friends that sells some of the most cutting edge, perfectly chosen vintage clothing in the city? Tonight they're are taking things further with a fundraiser for prostate cancer prevention and research in honour of the wonderfully hairy month of Movember. The night will include a slew of stellar artists and DJ sets by Adam Wilcox and jason Voltaire. A $5 donation at the door will get you in; with $10, you'll be entered to win prizes handpicked by the Citizen Vintage.

Go to the Facebook event page here for more details.

photo taken from Worn Fashion Journal
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What's New Chez Vous, Jon Cohen? (Hint: It's The One Wo/Man Band Festival!)

Posted by Risa / May 17, 2012


Jon Cohen is soft-spoken, but unrestrained when it comes to enthusiasm for the work itself, the people that inspire, the community. That small lovely electric light is no doubt part of the contribution he's made (you know, aside from the music he's played) in bands like The Dears and The Social Register; in his own successful solo project; and now in the flourishing of his festival: a celebration of that small lonely light that graces a stage in the body of the One Wo/Man Band...

"My name is Jon Cohen, of the Jon Cohen Experimental. I'm the founder & artistic director for the one-man band festival (18th to 20th of May 2012), an original new music festival in its maiden year here in Montreal, which celebrates and showcases exclusively, the talents and creativity of one man/ one woman bands from all over the world. I started out as a musician in a band and gradually moved into a one man band format which has allowed me to make a living touring the world and now I want to bring this unique phenomenon into one big amazing music fest exclusive to the solo performer."

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What's New Chez Vous, Blue Skies Turn Black + Il Motore?

Posted by Risa / May 7, 2012


The Montreal music landscape wouldn't be the same without Blue Skies Turn Black, point finale. Meyer Billurcu and Brian Neuman put the money and manual labour in for well over a decade to bring the bands to us and audiences to the bands, and we all owe them beers and hugs. The quote below from Canada's music authority exclaim on BSTB celebrating their 10 year anniversary gives you a hint. (And in the embedded video interview at the bottom of that article you can watch me interview Meyer back in the day and see what it looks like when two sort of socially awkward people talk earnestly into a computer after a few beers in the sun! During allergy season I might add.)

"In the past few years, BSTB has become one of the most prominent independent music promoters in the city, putting on shows for the likes of Animal Collective, Kool Keith, the Arcade Fire, Modest Mouse, CocoRosie, TV on the Radio, Les Savy Fav, Iron and Wine, and many more."
- exclaim

Meyer and Brian opened Il Motore a few years back and lurking around the bar up there on Jean Talon I've seen and produced some of my favourite live shows of recent years - mostly because of the intimacy, friendliness and lack of pretension in the space and staff. I am looking forward to seeing what they do with the room in months and years to come as they continue to make investments in it's survive and thrive, so I was giddy like a kid that Meyer was willing to answer our local love questions.

"I'm Meyer Billurcu, owner of local concert promotions company Blue Skies Turn Black and the live music venue Il Motore. I began promoting shows twelve years ago, which led to opening the venue three years ago. BSTB got its start booking lesser-known bands, but we are better known today for our work with a diverse range of artists, bands, and genres."

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What New Chez Vous, Charlotte Hosten?

Posted by Risa / April 25, 2012


There's a bright new atelier boutique on Bernard, and ever since the ladies at Atelier B urged me to interview her I've been hoping to have an exchange with the lovely redhead who works within, spinning her beads and ribbons and trim. This week, dreams become friendly reality as we get a hello and update from the Mademoiselle herself.

"My name is Charlotte and I took my grandmother's maiden name, Hosten, to name my jewelry line :Charlotte Hosten. I was born in Belgium and moved here when I was 10. I started making jewelry when I was 15 and never stopped. It eventually grew into a passion, not to say obsession. After deciding to forgo a career as a lawyer (I got a law degree), in october 2009, I officially launched my jewelry line. Since then, we have had the chance to expand our wholesale distribution to the rest of Canada and some stores around the world, such as Takashimaya in Japan and the famous Anthropologie. Opening our own store in november 2011 was a dream coming true for me - I love sharing my passion with clients and having the chance to "build a house" around my creations."

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What New Chez Vous, Annex Vintage?

Posted by Risa / April 13, 2012


Gen Heistek is just one of those inspiring women in Montreal, calming making shit happen with a smile and a shrug every time you turn a corner. Her newest Mile End storefront adventure is called Annex Vintage and it's a cozy spot full of quirky and pretty, and positively churning with life. So you know we had to wonder, what's new with you?

"My name is Gen Heistek, owner of Annex Vintage. I have lived and worked in Mile End for the last 20 years. I am also the owner of vintage/clothing exchange store Local 23 and co-founder of Montreal indie-clothing boutique General 54.

It all started when the store-front next to General 54 became vacant. General 54 was feeling a bit squished trying to accomodate both vintage and hand-made things, so it was the perfect opportunity to expand. The idea behind the Annex was to create a shop that would carry exclusively "vintage" clothing (as opposed to second-hand or modern used clothing) organized and presented in a thoughtful and creative manner. It has been a huge hit and we love being on a bustling street like St-Viateur! We make sure there is always lots of new stuff to choose from at affordable prices, and with so many exciting trends in vintage right now, things move really fast!"

So...What's new chez vous?

We have just completely renovated the store: new paint, racking, new window sign and logo and a more streamlined and easy to shop layout! We have also added stacks of custom wooden "cubes" that have been really fun to arrange, like
massive kid's building blocks! The look is a bit more gallery-esque but still very warm with just as much stock to browse, just a lot easier to see!

We are about to launch our new art initiative La Salle D'Essayage for up-and-coming artists and we recently hosted the vernissage for an innovative crawl-format art show joining a dozen different Mile End store-fronts called the Mile
End Block Party

With that burst of summer weather in March, we were able to bring our collection of high-waisted shorts, rompers, colourful heels and spring dresses out a bit earlier than usual which is really nice! As for trends, we have been totally
inspired by the pastels and geometric prints so popular this spring season.

Our blog has undergone a major re-vamp with new layout, lots of inspiration, as well as street-style posts reflecting the creativity and vintage style in our neighbourhood. We've turned into obsessive bloggers so check our site for new posts daily:




Local love bonus questions of love! Most memorable meal you've had recently in a restaurant in montreal? Best shopping experience? Who else should we feature here?

Meal?: It's a tie: A friend recently treated me to a birthday dinner at Le Filet. Wow. Spectacular! Equally special was a recent dinner at Lawrence on St-Laurent. Their corn chowder is so smokey and delicious it was like sitting next to a camp fire. And the service there had me smiling for days afterwards.

Shopping?: I just got an amazing necklace by Camp and Quarry next door at General 54. The pendant is a little miner figure inside a geode. I love it so much. Aside from that, I am a huge advocate of Jeans, Jeans, Jeans on Casgrain. You will never pay full price for jeans ever again.

Who else?: Naada Yoga. Awesome Mile End Yoga studio. Very good people. I feel more relaxed just thinking about them.

What's New Chez Vous is an interview series by Risa Dickens, Yelp Montreal Community Manager and co-founder of Each column will spotlight new styles in town and the places local boutique owners love. If you'd like to see your shop/designs featured here, reach out and touch at
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What's New Chez Vous, Unicorn Boutique?

Posted by Risa / April 6, 2012


Unicorn Boutique has become high on my list of local places to rest my weary eyes, touch soft fabrics, be inspired by independent design and leave with exceptional basics and original jewelry in the $50-$150 price range. The clothes are girly but often in a monochromatic, blacks, whites and greys way; chic with subtle unconventional twists, reflective of a taste that somehow manages a balance between exuberance and minimalism. This is a balance I need to learn more about, so I went to the source and posed my favorite questions to co-owner Amelie Thellen.

"Melanie Robillard and myself are the two owners of the store. We opened Unicorn on Sept 2008. We have been working in the fashion industry since we could start working, so, 16 years old! I have a bachelor degree from UQAM in Fashion Management and Melanie studied in Haute Couture in Ottawa. We both love travelling, black & white and finding vintage furniture.

Our shop UNICORN is a cute boutique for smart looking women with a hand-picked selection of international, national and local designer brands with a round-up of the very best accessories from here and abroad."

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