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On Company Time: Comixxx

Posted by Sara / June 23, 2006


I'm off for the holiday, so this is kind of breaking OCT rules. But in honour of a coworker who finds himself staring at those grim cubicle walls today, I offer this selection of our favorite comic-related sites. Hopefully it will help him waste some waged hours (even if he is anti-union and hence a traitor to the Revolution).

Now, you and I know that reading comics makes us unfathomably cool. But since most of the hipster douches in Mile End don't, I mostly find my nerdly fan community online. The people in my neighborhood:

Creator of all that is awesome, Warren Ellis somehow finds time to make cranky posts on his blog four dozen times a day. His coverage of Nerd Prom (aka Comic-Con San Diego) was damned hysterical. He also let me be his Friendster.

On this side of the pond, you can check in on my other boyfriend, Brian Michael Bendis. Apparently he is writing a screenplay for his seminal crime comic, Jinx, which will feature Charlize Theron as star and producer.

And if you didn't already have a pretty good idea that Theron is to comic movies what Pat Boone is to heavy metal, you need to pay a visit to the X-treme nerds at Comics2Film. I count on them for all of my industry gossip and hysterical rants about Daredevil and LXG.

Finally, see these dudes for some good ol' fashioned mockery of the camel-toed superheroes of yore: the Super Friends and that dick Superman.

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