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Hot foot: La Chatte Bottée launch party

Posted by Sara / July 19, 2006

vintage-shoes.gifI don't know about you people, but I am SO sick of Tupperware parties. It's not that I don't enjoy mixing alcohol and shopping, or sharing recipes with the other perky homemakers on my street in St. Bruno. It's just that I have enough colour-coordinated, stackable individual watermelon slice holders. For now, at least.

Imagine how pleased I was when our very own Nika Vee offered an alternative! La Chatte Bottée features a unique selection of women's
vintage shoes and boots from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Only it's not some musty frip--it's a roving cocktail and nibbles party.

Tomorrow evening, the always fantabulous Nika and the equally stylin' Carole will welcome their first batch of rubberneckers and customers: 4152 St-Laurent #402 (4th floor, south of Rachel, right next to the Vespa boutique). Read on for the full scoop...

Why did you gals decide to get into this enterprise?

Carole (my partner) and I had gotten the idea from a New York City trip earlier this year. We found this hard-to-find vintage shoe place in the East Village, sort of place where you have to ask 10 people before someone finally spills the info. The idea to amass a collection and sell them live to Montrealers came only a couple of weeks later when we were lounging at my place, admiring vintage shoes on the website of this vintage shoe store in England somewhere. The whole mobile, shoe shopping party idea came about when we realized that we had no time or money to actually run a static boutique. Presently the whole collection is being held at Carole's place in lots of boxes. Her husband is a doll for putting up with us.

Where do you get the merch?

Everywhere! We're highly resourceful shoe lovers... I don't want to divulge ALL our sources but I can tell you one thing though, there are a lot of older ladies out there with curiously empty closets.

If I have huge feet, will I be able to find shoes that fit? Note: my feet are in fact not huge. They are small and perfect.

We have shoes ranging from 4 1/2 to 10. Of course, there is more variety in the smaller sizes but we plan on doing some personalized shopping for our customers. So if we get requests for larger sizes we'll keep a keen eye out for them on our future shoe runs. We believe strongly in being responsible for our products: not only do we clean and repair our footwear, but also offer a repair service at a reduced price if something goes wrong with a recent purchase. Our love for shoes goes beyond the dollar sign....

What's the price range?

We are so affordable! Shoes start at $10 and boots are around the $60 mark. Designer shoes however are a little pricier.

Tell me about your favorite pair of vintage shoes.

Speaking of designer shoes, our favourites are 2 pairs of John Jerro strappy sandals we picked up off an unsuspecting vendor. Just the expert way they're made, the quality material, the cut of the straps, the arch of the heel, the unique mix of colours... it's obvious they were made with love. Sexy love.



Sara / July 20, 2006 at 10:31 am
duh... i forgot to mention, it's from 6-8. tonight, july 20.
Jesenia S. Marlor / September 20, 2014 at 06:40 am
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