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It Comes With A Whaaaaaat??

Posted by Dave / July 9, 2006

Car.jpgThere I was, walking to my local Waikiki McDonalds (shut it, lets just say that after my long walk, I needed something to make my body stop feeling good for itself) and I saw the most amazing thing I have ever seen.......then it got better........then a bit better again. For lack of a better term, a Gansta (the white veriety, like from an Offspring video) gets out of his car, and as pictured above, it's possibly the best car I have ever seen. But then, I notice that there is a baby seat in the back seat, which I find great. You know, Ganstas care about child safety too. Then, even better, I notice that the baby seat matches the interior of the car exactly. It was at that moment that I wet myself.

After cleaning myself off, I continued on to McDonalds (shut it). It is this lovely dining establishment where my jaw dropped. $7.08USD for a Big Mac Meal. For real? Unfortunately, once I have my mind set on what I want to eat, that's what I'm going to get. While in line, I notice that they also have a "MEGA MAC". "A Double Big Mac?" you ask. Nope, a MEGA MAC! What this is, is a big mac, but with the quarter pounder patties instead of the regular ones.

So I buy my regular big mac meal (I have a small tummy) and bring it back to my hotel room. Open the bag and.....whoaaaah? It comes with a container of fresh pineapple! Wow I thought. That's fantastic!

That container of pineapple is still sitting there on the desk. Who does it think it is, anyway?


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