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Chip Dip: Summer Heat

Posted by Chip / August 13, 2006

Doritos-FieryH.jpgDriving from Schenectady, NY to Montreal is a boring trip. Yes, there are rolling hills and green forests, but unless you’re a fan of cheesy outlet mall towns or getting pulled over by one of hundreds of NY state troopers, you’re not bound to remember the trip. In my case, there is usually only one way to spice things up (in this case, literally); search for the latest in rest-stop-gas station-convenience store chip flavours.

On this particular trip I was pleased to see that Doritos was there to provide the treasure for my search. It seems that lately, chip companies have been going through a boom in flavour expansion. Every brand seems to be expanding and experimenting with their product line to no end. Doritos, has been no exception. Their latest and greatest is Fiery Habanero, which as far as I can tell is, unfortunately, only available south of the border at the moment (perhaps the brass at Frito Lay feel that us northerners can’t quite handle the heat).

Now I’ll admit, I like the spicy stuff. And if you’re a ‘mild’ type of curry eater, this isn’t the chip for you. Skeptical by nature, I had low expectations for my first bag. Those were quickly swept aside, as the heat hit me with the first chip. At first taste, the chip was not too hot, but definitely had a bite. But then, like a good chili or curry dish, as the chips piled up (in my belly), the heat seemed to linger on my tongue and gums, providing a healthy feeling burn throughout my ‘meal’ and remaining well afterwards so as not to let me forget. Well done Doritos. You did not skimp on the spice. Granted, that will drive away half of your potential consumers, but it will earn you respect from the seasoned chip connoisseur.


I can’t really remember anything else in particular about the chip. I suppose it was crunchy, cheesy and salty…I’m just glad I had a bottle of water to wash it all down.

What’s really crazy is how low down on the ingredients list that the Habanero pepper is listed. Also, even crazier still, is how many different cheeses are listed in the ingredients, including American Cheese. American Cheese? Isn’t that processed cheese slices?

Next Review: Cape Cod brings us Aged Cheddar and Jalapeno. Mmmm…..



j mac / August 14, 2006 at 11:26 am
Can you assess the hotness with respect to other "hot" chips? Like, the Miss Vickies Jalapeno ones are vaguely hot, sometimes. Are these ten times hotter? Twenty? A jillion? What about compared to wasabi peas? Is that kind of cross-comparison even allowed?
OJ / August 14, 2006 at 11:32 am
Hmmm, interesting questions. I'm not sure that one bag is enough to provide a reprsentative comparison point. That being said, no other chip comes close in terms of spicy hotness. Therefore, lets go with 50 times hotter than the next hottest, which I believe is the Miss Vickie Jalapeno. Wasabi peas? They can be hot, but only instantaneously hot with no lasting effects - don't even compare.
drew / August 14, 2006 at 11:33 am
Yeah, this is not chips but it is a food-oriented question.
This morning I was in a place that was selling double-chocolate-fondue muffins. Okay. But at what point do you have to cut the shit and admit that you are eating a cupcake. At what point does a muffin become a cupcake? Or is the difference purely a matter of icing?
OJ / August 14, 2006 at 11:41 am
Wait, do you have to dunk that muffin into a pot of boiling oil with a sleek, fashionable skewer? If not, it's a cupcake. The minute you've got icing or some sugary topping, it's a cupcake.

Mabye icing would take some of the bite off of the Fiery Habanero...would that make them chipcakes?
j mac / August 14, 2006 at 12:23 pm
I've been asking that muffin/cupcake question for years. The closest I've gotten to an acceptable answer is: icing. If it has icing, it's a cupcake. Otherwise, muffin. You can't really distinguish between the two on the basis of healthiness, since even non-chocolate muffins are typically high-fat, high-sugar.
rrrobyn / August 14, 2006 at 09:42 pm
i think the muffin vs cupcake debate goes beyond their form, beyond their basic ingredients to the process itself. muffins are made differently than cake, which is what cupcakes are. cupcakes are cake. cake is typically mixed a lot and the batter is thin. muffins are maybe more like bread, with a more doughlike batter, which you hardly mix. i am also going to say it has a lot to do with egg ratio.

muffins could be healthier for you because it's possible to make a decent muffin without very much fat or sugar. it is hard to make a decent cake without those key things. oh, i've done both.

in a way, those big chocolate muffins should be cupcakes because as muffins they are probably DENSE and CRAZY, not light and manageable as they might be in cupcake form. at least they are not brownies. sometimes brownies are like a vortex of chocolate matter in their denseness. mmm, density.
OJ / August 15, 2006 at 01:16 pm
The best thing ever is that if you google Chip Dip, here's what you see as the first Midnight Poutine reference:

Midnight Poutine | Montreal Blog
Chip Dip: Gettin' Chippy with it. Posted by Chip in Chips. chip.jpg What’s not to love about Chips?

Couldn't have added more 'chips' to that if I tried.
rrrobyn / August 21, 2006 at 06:52 pm
okay, so i wonder how spicy and/or flavourful <a href="";> crotch-massage doritos</a> are.
Gianni / May 31, 2007 at 11:12 pm
They're finally in Canada. Checkout the website.
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