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Urban Crampons | Get Them While Its Freezing

Posted by Jeff / January 13, 2009

Ok our city's fashion sense has long been celebrated, but the latest must-have accessory has nothing to do with looking stylish. It's more a question of avoiding a trip to the hospital emergency room. If anyone has taken a walk outside on our city's sidewalks they have been as slick as the ice at the Bell Centre. With meteorologists forecasting a deep freeze today, and a major storm for Thursday, the city councilor responsible for snow removal -- who also happens to be the brother of Mayor Gerald Tremblay -- had some practical advice for citizens: Strap some crampons on your boots. Crampons wha? Let me share some info with you about this.

Crampons, which fit over boots and have metal spikes on the sole, are typically used to climb mountains & walk over the iciest of terrains.Yet there are now what one could call urban crampons [as seen in the post photo] which easily slip over the sole of your footwear (shoe or boot) and can be bought at places like Sport Experts from 25$ - 35$. SO, the roads and sidewalks are slippery. There seems to be no salt on the sidewalks. I think there's no doubt the city has changed its ways. Municipalities across Canada have tried to reduce their use of road salt over the past decade amid growing awareness of the environmental damage it causes. Montreal has relied more on chipped stone to provide traction on its sidewalks, Do you really think it does the job? All I know if you walk down Peel Street without one of these, you won't be walking down, you'll be sliding. Be safe out there.



Francis / January 14, 2009 at 11:53 am
These are amazing. I was looking at crampons last year, but they were way too massive, more suited to ice climbing than an urban walk. These make a lot more sense.
It seems that the state of sidewalks is actually getting worse every year. Is there really a point to remove all the snow everytime snow falls? First, it cost a lot of money, and second all it does is re-expose layers of ice they never removed in the first place. In Scandinavia, snow is not completely removed but instead compacted on the sidewalks, which makes them easier to walk on. Maybe this city should investigate alternatives to snow removal...
Jeff / January 14, 2009 at 01:55 pm
I here ya on the Money part! We spend more than $128 million Canadian each year to remove it. Whats being removed? With annual snowfall of 225 centimeters 84 inches), Montréal receives more snow than Moscow. My hope that's its recognized by more people that its such an important part of the seasonal public works budget and each snow storm provokes a major logistical operation we gotta be ready for with the right tools. Its a trademark of Montreal that it snow's like hell, we should be the best at maintaining it.
Lorie / January 15, 2009 at 12:36 am
I think the crampons pictured are actually YakTrax. They have a website (and ship to Canada). I've also seen them at Jean Coutu on sale for $25. I bought them and they are great! All Quebecers should own a pair.
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