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A Fall/Winter Collection Fit For The Pope!

Posted by Laura / March 10, 2010

Designer Dane Richards, last year's Fashion Pop award winner and avant style savant, is showing his Autumn/Winter 2010 line tomorrow evening in an independent presentation at the Eastern Bloc loft, following a cocktail reception. I think you should come see it, because Dane is quite simply a national treasure! The collection is inspired by the wildlife of his oceanside childhood - get ready for lots of tendrilly, crystally, aquatic magic. I spoke to the tall, handsome designer/photographer/rapid Oprah fan to learn a little bit about the collection he describes as an experiment in "cleaning the shores with luxury mops and woven filter." If you're tickled by this in the same weird place as I am, I expect to lock eyes with you across a certain crowded 5 a 7 tomorrow. And to never let go.

MP: Hi, Dane. Let me start by saying that you are a delight. And by asking you what we can expect from Thursday night's presentation?

DR: Thursday you can expect lots of seaside attractions. I have been working on this collection for months and I am very excited to showcase it on a runway. My goal was to play with and create textures. There will be good music and good people. The cocktail is from 5 to 7.

MP: Thank you for mentioning the most important part of any evening, the cocktail part. Tell me a little about designing, making and selling clothes independently in Montreal. What are the pluses and minuses?

DR: Montreal has a lot of fashionable people and since I am not currently selling my stuff in any store, it's great for custom orders. When designing, I have total control and that's great. I have no interns so I make all the clothes myself and with a little help from friends, so it is very time consuming.

MP: What went into the making of this collection?

DR: I used luxury found fibers, jerseys, knits, cut and stretched fabrics, toupes, hair and black fur. I bought large rolls of some fabric, cut it in strips, sewed the edged, stretched it and experimented with the loopy fringe. Folding and shredding and cutting and sewing. Basically, I had to create the fabric myself to achieve the texture I wanted.

MP: Who do you see wearing your clothes? Who is the Dane Richards girl?

DR: Possibly Gollum. But hopefully Pamela Anderson, or Lady Caca, or Bjork, or Fever Ray, or my Mum, or the Pope. Or Arnold Shwarzenegger, I think he would look particularly good in my clothes. And also, Oprah.

MP: Now, you're also a street style photographer (for the always-excellent blog The Pregnant Goldfish). What, in your opinion, are the best and worst things about Montreal street style?

DR: The best thing is that a lot of old people don't care about looking different. I wish the younger generation took more inspiration from the elders.

MP: Where you do like to shop in Montreal?

DR: Holts and a select number of boutiques that I adore. I found a lot of my favorite pieces in the streets or lying in the desert. J'adore Salvation Army, darling.

MP: If you had all the money in the world, what fashion would you buy? Would you just drape yourself in furs? I know I would.

DR: I would drape myself in all the furs a young prince could hope for.

Amen to that, sister. If you'd like to see how sea anemones and Arnold Shwarzenegger come together to create a bunch of loopy, fringey stuff you can wear, come check it out tomorrow! Eastern Bloc is at 7240 Clark. Did I mention the cocktails?



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