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Green is the new black: PLB Design

Posted by Margot / April 25, 2010

20100425 - plb design 1.jpg
With Earth Day's 40th anniversary this past week, we're left to think about the Earth, the environment, what we're doing to be green, yadda yadda and so on - in all honesty, I'm in the camp that says every day should be Earth Day. Luckily, I'm not alone; local designer and former ICI Montréal Art Director Pier-Luk Bouthillier brings us PLB Design, a Montreal-based company that blends a passion for design with concern for environmental issues. Pier-Luk believes that good design is a fusion of aesthetics and functionality - and this is evident above all in his t-shirts.

Made right here at home in Quebec on eco-friendly t-shirts, printed with water-based enviro-friendly inks (and maybe even the well wishes of an endangered Gaspé caribou!), Pier-Luk's designs reflect his desire for aesthetic beauty while conveying a message. They're simple, clean, and unique designs, and - for lack of a better descriptor - cool. Some shirts are inspired by sustainable housing, recycling, and there's even one featuring a tree growing out of a guitar (music is green, too, you know). Pier-Luk is also involved in designing logos for worthy organizations, such as Éco-logis, a publication about green housing in Quebec.

20100425 - plb design 2.jpg
Don't even pretend that this isn't absolutely adorable.

My poutine-filled life is busy sometimes, and I wasn't able to meet in person with Pier-Luk to learn more about his company. The tyranny of distance and busy schedules was overcome, though, through an over-the-Internet interview, wherein MP (and by extension, you) became privy to a peek inside the head of the man behind it all:

Where is your favourite place to go in Montreal?
I love spending time at Jean-Talon Market. I like the ambiance, the colours and the aromas. To me, it is the real essence of "multicultural Montreal." [And for dancing?] Salon Daome.

How do you see Montreal as a place where sustainability is supported (if at all)?
Montreal has a long way to go - but there are some cool projects like Bixi [back in action as of last week] and La TOHU, which is revitalizing one of the largest urban landfill sites in North America. I also think that Montreal needs tramways, more biobuses [I'll bet 1.3 million daily STM riders would agree], and more pedestrian streets.

What t-shirt do you wear more than any other shirt in the world?
My own Organic Geometric T-shirt.

Other than online, where can people get your shirts?
• Plaza St-Hubert: Boutique Bahia, 6300 St-Hubert
• The Village: Ka Vie Art, 1410 Beaudry
• Rosemont: SODER éco-boutique, 3311 Masson
• Hochelaga: Terre à soi, 4696 Ste-Catherine East
• Jean-Talon Market: Tah-Dah! 156 Jean-Talon East
• Plateau: L'autre placard, 2036 Mont-Royal East and L'appartement boutique, 1871, Mont-Royal East
• NDG: Coop la maison verte, 5785 Sherbrooke West

Do you design anything other than shirts? Maybe bridges? or curtain arrangements?
[I got an el-oh-el out of this one]. I recently did carpet designs for a customer. But what I love the most is designing logos. I eat up logos!

Photos courtesy of PLB Design



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