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The Top 10 Halloween Costumes RETURNS

Posted by Luc / October 28, 2010

cover.jpg If you're amazing, which you likely are, then you undoubtedly read my two posts last October about The Top 10 Easy Halloween Solutions and The Top10 Last Minute Group Costume Ideas. Did you use those ideas? Well I sure didn't. I ended up going as Pop from Snap, Crackle and Pop (yeah, the cereal) and wound up freezing my ass off on a rooftop at 7am while trying to finish a bottle of Tanqueray that I should have shared. ("Too much information Luc!")

Anyway, I have returned for another year with newer, fresher ideas for how you could dress up for Halloween. It's just around the corner, and by this point you've probably come as far as dressing up like Jersey Shore or Justin Bieber. Don't degrade yourself like that. Don't wear that outfit again. You're prettier than that.

10. G20 Weekend
I know it didn't happen in Montreal, but many of our fellow residents went down there for it and it took up all the news coverage for that whole weekend so it gets a spot on the list. You could go as a black block protester, an innocent hippie, or even the infamous Officer Bubbles (link)! Better yet, dress up like a cop, then put black clothing on over top and act unjustifiably violent and pow; you're a conspiracy theory.

9. Internet Memes
Oh, it's been quite the year in the land of the Internet. The Leo Strut was probably my favorite, but all the auto-tune remixes were pretty awesome too, such as the Double Rainbow Guy and Antoine Dodson Bed Intruder. You could even get more obscure and go as Insane Clown Posse in the Miracles video.

8. Sexy Anything
I think I mentioned this in last year's post, but I forgot to include Nick's Professional advice.

7. Frere André
There haven't been too many positive local news stories recently, so Frere André makes the list. Or should I say, Saint André Bisette! Again, you'll need to get creative if you want to look like anything other than just a generic Cardinal of Priest. But people might get it...

6. Literal iPad
Remember back in January when Apple announced they would be launching their first E-Tablet and it would be called the iPad? And it spawned thousands of jokes about what they meant, ranging from being an apartment to being a female hygienic product? Those jokes need to come back. You could bring them back.

5. Seventh Canadian Hockey Team
*Yaaawwwn* Ok this is kind of a boring idea. You would really just be wearing a Winnipeg Jets or Quebec Nordiques jersey around and that would be the end of it. What a boring idea to put on the list. Who lets me write these things?

4. Big News
Saint André may have been the big story in Montreal, but there is no lack of major drama from around the world in the past year. The BP Oil Spill would be good (just shoot oil onto people and attach dead animals to yourself), and so would the Tiger Woods scandal. My guess is that we will see a lot of Chilean Miners out this year.

3. Martian G
I saw this costume at Value Village a few years back and it blew my mind. It's a Martian, who is also a Gangsta! The costume company really wasn't trying here and just put a bunch of generic ideas in a hat, pulled two of them out, and combined them into one. What's next, a homeless fireman? Kosovo Refugee Orthodontist? Mermaid Librarian?

2. Halak Stop Sign
The joke that was so good and so funny, and was just as quickly on it's way to the St. Louis Blues. It's more of a nostalgic costume than anything really. Get your pal to dress up as Alex Ovechkin and shoot pucks at you all night.

1. My Ex
New Year, New ex girlfriend (see last year's #1). This time you have to give me your guest passes for the gym, let me win at mini golf, and pretend like you listen to the Midnight Poutine Podcast (even though I know you don't). Then show up at the party I'm going to while I hide behind my Martian G costume.


Photos courtesy of Halloween Costume Megastore,, Racked, CollegeHumor



Urileye / October 29, 2010 at 12:58 pm
Nice. Nice. Very nice Luc. Number five makes my head spin. Hot & Heavy Poutine Team? Perhaps The Montreal Melting Curds? The Montreal Potato Peelers or better yet The Montreal Puck Peelers!?
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