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Main Hall Goes Super-8

Posted by Drew / October 4, 2005

Wednesday, October 5th, 8pm
Main Hall, 5390 St. Laurent (Mile End)
Metro: Laurier

Organized by Alex Rogalski, Michael Rollo and Brett Kashmere

For the 1st time in Montreal, after 5 successful years in Saskatchewan, the original ONE TAKE SUPER 8 EVENT promises to be a diverse showcase of Canadian super 8 films. Over 30 indepenent filmmakers from Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan and beyond will load their cameras to take part in this year's spectacle.

The ONE TAKE SUPER 8 EVENT is a distinct film screening, in that none of the films will be viewed before they are screened on the evening of October 5th. The filmmakers are not allowed to edit or preview their films prior to the screening. What they shoot in the camera is what is shown. No Edits. No Splices. No Changes. One Take, One Night. This leads to some exciting and refreshing films, and a rare opportunity for the public viewing of Super 8 cinema.

The ONE TAKE SUPER 8 EVENT was established in 2000 by prairie filmmaker Alex Rogalski as a way to help create more independent films by a variety of artists, while giving the local community an opportunity to view these films collectively. The concept of using Super 8 cameras is centered on the idea that Super 8 (often discarded to antiquity in this digital age) is still the most affordable film gauge for independent filmmakers. In recent years, more attention has been given to this format, as it once sat on the brink of extinction. Now its effects are seen in major Hollywood films, as well as music videos and mainstream commercials.

FILMS BY: Tyler Banadyga, Shawn Bauche, Aimee Beauchamp, Julie Cote / Khoa Le, Roy Cross, FarzinFarzaneh, Tom Fennario, Zach Finkelstein, Anne Michaele Fortin, Shawn Fulton, Eric Gaucher, Isabella Geddes, Amber Goodwyn, Eric Hanson, Dave Johnson, Brett Kashmere, Karl Lemieux, Justine Litynski, Terryll Loffler, Lindsay McIntyre, Solomon Nagler, Dianne Ouellette, robert.daniel.pytlyk, Alex Rogalski, Michael Rollo, Daichi Saito, Kim Simard, Katherine Skelton, Astria Suparak, and Aaron Ulledal.

Plus, special guests, one-the-fly soundtracks, CTV news cameras, and more!

The One Take Super 8 Event is sponsored by: SaskFilm, Partners in Motion Inc., the Saskatchewan Motion Picture Association, Exclusive Film, and KODAK Canada.

Other Cities: Toronto