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Alright alright alright

Posted by Robyn / November 20, 2005

Sunday afternoon: always begins with the best intentions, rarely lives up to them. And that's O.K. - who needs intentions on a Sunday? I never really want to do much anyway, yet always feel a slight anxiety when 8pm rolls around, like I should be doing homework. (Uh, probably b/c I do have work to do. er.) It's a highschool feeling (without the reality of actually having to be in highschool. Holy shit - isn't this a great feeling?! Even 12 years after graduation, I'm right now lifting my hands in triumphant fists and going "ohmygod, I never have to go to highschool again! So. Awesome." And I actually didn't mind highschool one way or the other.) Anyway, this Sunday I watched a highschool movie.

Though I could have gone to see a documentary on this lovely afternoon, as suggested, I instead downl... I mean, rented a classic of early 90s film. In preparation for the event, I rode my bike to the store for Breakfast-for-Dinner staples. And with my french toast and sausages gloriously piled on a plate in front of me, I properly witnessed even further glory, awesomeness that I hadn't seen in about 9 years: Mr. Richard Linklater's Dazed and Confused.

What a sweet, sweet movie. Is it a "cult classic"? I guess. But I feel compelled to argue that it's so much more than kids n' pot n' slackin' off. It's about L.I.V.I.N.

It just rolls, much like a Sunday afternoon. You're sort of engaged with the characters, but it's a passing engagement, and you know it as you're watching. And it's a cool little meandering story. This is the kind of "reminiscence" I can get behind - it's not sad or wistfully gross or even nostalgic - the past is something that was there and is a part of who you are. (I'm not even hungover or stoned!) Okay, and this is true: this movie came out the year I graduated, went to university, and started going out with an American who had actually been to bush parties and knew how to make beer bongs and was totally into 70s Aerosmith. Yeah, I ended up seeing it a few times in 93/94...

And seeing it today does not make me nostalgic, just entertained and calmly pleased. I am also in crush-love with Wooderson (best use of Matthew McConaughey ever) and feel a real need to take a trip down to Texas (and so obviously have my fantasies shattered, yeah, probably much better that way. Still...) I would also like to go camping and drink beer and listen to Zeppelin while driving down country roads in my Charger. But hey. I watched The Big Lebowski recently too and that made me want to get heavy into bowling. Some wants pass and some do not. We shall see. I only know that I'm setting up my stereo so I can wake up to "Sweeeet Emo-o-o-tion" tomorrow morning.



J Mac / November 22, 2005 at 04:57 pm
They should invent a really high-tech stereo/alarm system that would allow you to have the beginning of Sweet Emotion wake you up initially, and then, after you hit the snooze button, it would come back on at that bridge part of the song, where Steven Tyler goes "ay-ay-ay-ay-ay" or "a-cha-cha-cha-cha" or something, and the riff changes to a somehow even better one. I'd totally get up if they could do that. Probably.

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