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Friday Night Video Won't Break Your Heart

Posted by Drew / January 13, 2006

I am at work. Why oh why the fuck am I still at work.
But sitting here just now, I realized the movie that everyone should rent tonight. I know that on occasion my advice may sound suspect but this time I'm giving you the straight goods.

Go and rent Code Unknown. ( Michael Haneke; 2000.) The films stars, among others, Juliette Binoche, who also stars in Haneke's current release. Anyway. This film is set accross 3 European countries, with a huge cast of characters and is shot in a lovely loose style. Sort of European Altman-esque but not self-consciously so.

I love Juliette Binoche in this film. In some films she can seem even more fey than Christopher Walken in the first half of The Deer Hunter, and in some films this tait can be super annoying. But when she plays it lowkey, as she does here, she is unbeatable.

This film sticks; weeks went by and it remained in my head. It remains in my head still.
As I was saying, just now it came to me that I would like to see it again.
But I am at work. Waiting. Waiting....waiting...waiting...for a god damn PDF file.
You, out there, wondering what film to rent tonight--go see Code Unknown for the both of us.

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