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LH Video Club: Big Ol' Day of Love

Posted by Drew / February 14, 2006



Right. I wasn't going to do a V-day thing, but the amount of press The Way We Were (Sydney Pollack; 1973) was getting over the weekend was freaking me out, as it came with no warning. All I will say is: If you insist on doing Sydney Pollck this Valentine's, I would stick with Tootsie.

Even better, I would suggest Destry Rides Again (George Marshall; 1939).

This melodrama-western joyride features a fantastic saloon catfight with Dietrich and some other woman. But, and here's where it gets romantic, durign the film's production, the married Jimmy Stewart had an affair with Marlene Dietrich, his only extra-maritial dalliance. And if you are going to have only one extra-maritial affair, do make it with Marlene Dietrich.
So, watch the film, watch the sparks fly, and watch the too-good-to-be-true Stewart get corrupted by Dietrich (onscreen and off).

Happy Valentine's Day!
If only it were made a civic holiday...


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