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Lonely Hearts Club Video: Baby It's Cold Outisde

Posted by Drew / February 10, 2006

The cold is no my boyfriend. It makes me sad and sleepy and hungry, but too sleepy to eat.

Basically, I would like to hibernate; physically and physiologically, I think it would be entirely possible.

Next best thing is 2 movies that make winter seem sort of sexy and make you feel sort of tough for surviving it every year.


1. 101 Ryekjavik (Baltasar Kormakur; 2000)

Who knew Iceland had slackers? Well, me, after watchiing this movie. Icelandic hearthrob Hilmir Snaer Guonason is a particular favorite of mine. He has this great ridiculous arrogance that seems equal parts legitimate disgust and heartbreaking weakness. He is slacking around and ends up hooking up with incredibly sexy Spanish hearthrob Victoira Abril--but she's not single. That's all I will say. See it and let the film surprise you.

Sexy winter scene: So much of the opening part of the film is cold and blue; when Hilmir first enters the local bar where all the other slackers hang out, it looks so lovely by the simple virtue of looking warm. Suddenly, spending the winter drunk at a bar seems not only a valid option but a necessary survival instinct.

2. The Claim (Michael Winterbottom; 2000)

Similar in many respects to Altman's McCabe and Mrs. Miller, The Claim has the same sort of twisted and desperate frontier spirit and the same mumbly dialogue and super loose camera work. The characters emotional life is built to match the provisional nature of the Northern goldrush town, until a history of love, lies and betrayal forces some more sold claims to be staked. It's a great winter melodrama, told in low-key fashion.

Sexy Winter Scene: Wes Bentley (remember Wes Bentley) in bed with 2 giggling trollops. As the three work to get rid of their 17 layers of woolen understuff, long johns take on a refreshing fetishistic resonance.

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