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Lonely Hearts Club Video: No DVDs Tonight

Posted by Drew / February 17, 2006



New Year's was the 1st of January, but the real litmus test of 2006 is today, tonight--so get cracking. I have the feeling that the activities of this evening will determine the tenor of the next 300-and-some days to come. I have selected two pictures that encapsulate our collective Feb. mood. Which is odd; this winter has not been so bad, but still...

So tonight you need to show some resolve, some fortitude, some will to find some fun, some project, some friends, some sex, some whatever-works-for-you, to give yourself a joyful spark and get you through the next week, which, if it is anything like last week, will feel like 87days.

Therefore, I am saying: Stay away from the video store tonight! The siren's song of shuttling in and renting the entire first three seasons of some totally random TV series will be too strong to resist. But you will hate yourself tomorrow and you will be putting a hex on yourself for the next 10 months.

Hell, I would even suggest giving in to Matt Silver's shamelessly indugent slef-promotion and going to Parc to check out the Kidnapper event. At least that would have you out of the house and up and running.

The point is: You should treat tonight as the night that will determine your apex of delight for the rest of 2006.
Dont' squander it.



rrrobyn / February 17, 2006 at 07:52 pm
So I should go to cinema du Parc at 11pm to see this Kidnapper Films event? And as a student I will pay a mere $7? Will there be pie? Will people say hi to me?
Kanchipuram sarees / March 30, 2019 at 04:42 am
nice post

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