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Hey You: See CQ

Posted by Drew / April 21, 2006


Being the son of Francis Ford Coppola is most likely fairly difficult. Also likely, once you get over the difficulty you likely realize, “Fuck it, I am so fucking lucky to be the son of Francis Ford Coppola.”

Between difficult and lucky lies a lot of space; less space between regret and nostalgia; and, even less between self-indulgence and self-expression.

The smaller the gap the more precise you must be.

Precision seems to be the talent of the Coppola kids; certainly it is in abundance in RC’s debut CQ.

You should watch it on DVD this weekend.


It’s so spring-appropriate, but not in an obvious dumb way.

The film manages a series of contradictory and oscillating tones that creates an odd, but enticing sensibility.

The rag-tag international cast is so very fine.

This is a prodigal film by a guy making am amicable break from papa--equal parts fondness, affection, and frustratin.

The love story is weak and the artist-as-a-young-man stuff is tired as hell. But one scene, between Jeremy Davies and Dean Stockwell makes it all worthwhile and highlights the film’s overall balanced-unbalanced-ness.

The bodily equivalent to this film would be a sigh, not of relief, just a sigh. And that seems exactly right for a film to watch late, late at night and celebrate the release from winter’s death grip.

When I saw it in the theatre I missed the first 10 minutes and have been wondering ever since…

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