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Movie people are so 20th century - Fantasia Festival Opening Party

Posted by Nika / July 11, 2006

I’ve been spending so much more time outdoors since the smoking ban, missing all the stuff going on inside. That was me last Thursday night at the SAT, smoking outside the opening party of the 10th annual Fantasia Festival. Arguably the bestest film festival this city has to offer… if you’re of the kung-fu, anime, horror, sci-fi, vampire, zombie, weirdo persuasion. Who isn’t anyway? Your mom?

Living in this city for the last 20 years has taught me to never show up at an event before midnight. Last Thursday was to be my first exception as these festival dudes were already pooped from their big first day. A good night’s rest was needed to endure the next 18 days of waiting in line for tickets and sitting in Concordia theatres watching flicks. By 1am, the SAT was already emptying out and the boys with thick-rimmed glasses headed back to their hotels, drunk on litchi martinis and ripe with images of Dandi Wind, Swedish contortionist twins, latex lady-Albator costumes and nearly-nude arcrobats turning in their heads. A geek’s top wet dreams all rolled into one night. Sweet dreams boys.

“Otaku don’t know how to party”, Boris orates as we walk back up St-Laurent Boulevard. “Which isn't entirely fair: there weren't that many Otaku tonight. Mostly Montreal movie industry wankers and media (also wankers)... they generally know how to party but this wasn't ‘their place’. This is Fantasia dammit, not Festival International des Films du Monde!”

But these geeks do know how to throw a film fest. Screw the parties and give your wallet a much-needed break: check out the free outdoor screenings at le parc de la Paix (St-Laurent between Ste-Catherine and René-Lévesque). Screenings start the 14th and will be announced on the official Fantasia site soon. Bring a date, bring your mom. She’ll be a hit.

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