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FILM CLUB: Do the Right Thing@BOA 8/21

Posted by Omar / August 18, 2006


It's August ... and it ain't hot at all outside. Oh, well. I guess we can compensate by screening Do The Right Thing at Film Club this Monday, Aug. 21 at 8:30 p.m.

Why Do the Right Thing? Cause that's what summer's all about -- rage, heat, talking dumb shit, and getting a slice. Also, I think on the heels of Inside Man, we could all use a refresher on why the hell we let that guy Spike Lee make movies again. This is Lee at his finest. Funny, political, allegorical, yet surprising nuanced at times - this is Spike Lee when he was as fresh as hip-hop was back in 1989 (a number, another summer...).

And it is one of the top ten best opening titles in a film ever made.

So come on down to Boa Taverne Moderne at 5301 St. Laurent. Free movie. Free tip sheet full of fun facts and talking points. Free beer (this was one of my favourite ploys in Looney Tunes cartoons for someone to get people to do something), but I am just kidding. Seriously, there is no free beer. I REPEAT: Not one single drop of beer will be free. Not free popcorn, but close.

BTW, how much do you want to bet that everyone who attends will want to get a slice of pizza after the film?

And to all film distributors and studio heads who may come across this posting. Nobody edits this blog, and so I make lots of errors. Forgive any typos. We are showing Spine Lea's Dew thy White Ching, a film that we, of course, hold the copyright for.

"D" Motherfucker "D"



OJ / August 21, 2006 at 04:28 pm
Awesome. I've been waiting to check out more of Spine Lea's flicks ever since I saw Gungle Feaver.

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