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Cinema Politica 10/2: Favela Rising

Posted by John / September 28, 2006

Cinema Politica writes:

"WHAT: Documentary screening of FAVELA RISING
WHEN: Monday, October 2nd at 7:30pm
WHERE: Room H-110, Concordia University, 1455 de Maisonneuve
COST: Free or by donation

Winner: Documentary of the Year by the International Documentary Organization!"

"FAVELA RISING documents a man and a movement, a city divided and a favela (Brazilian squatter settlement) united. Haunted by the murders of his family and many of his friends, Anderson Sá is a former drug-trafficker who turns social revolutionary in Rio de Janeiro’s most feared slum. Through hip-hop music, the rhythms of the street, and Afro-Brazilian dance he rallies his community to counteract the violent oppression enforced by teenage drug armies and sustained by corrupt police.

At the dawn of liberation, just as collective mobility is overcoming all odds and Anderson’s grassroots Afro Reggae movement is at the height of its success, a tragic accident threatens to silence the movement forever.

(Brazil - USA / 80min / 2005 / DVD)

Cinema Politica is an überculture project, and is co-sponsored by CitizenShift and Concordia University Television (CUTV). Additional support comes from our friends at the Concordia Co-op Bookstore and the Documentary Organization of Canada, Quebec Chapter.

For more information on all the films and various locals, please visit: Programs can be picked up at the Co-op Bookstore at 2150 Bishop."



Brian Knighten / November 1, 2006 at 11:55 am

Please contact me regarding the screening of Favela Rising. Just checking to see if you have performance rights to screen the film.

Thanks for your assistance,

Brian Knighten
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