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FILM CLUB: I Am Trying to Break Your Heart@Boa 9/25

Posted by Omar / September 24, 2006


Ah! (The breathing sound of sweet relief). Finally, a Film Club pick that I haven't seen. Programming films, in any capacity, is a great way to show off your status as a cinematic aficionado, but hardly satiates the hunger for what is new and exciting. This week, I sit back and like you become a viewer as we turn the reins over the fellow MP writer Jeremy Morris, who will be showing I Am Trying to Break Your Heart - the acclaimed documentary about the band Wilco recording their breakthrough album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.

As always we'll be screening the movie at Boa Taverne Modern (5301 St. Laurent St). Please arrive at 8:30, and the movie will screen shortly afterwards. Popcorn and Drinks are available at the bar.

I Am Trying to Break Your Heart documents Wilco at a turning point in their career. Having been labelled Alt-Country darlings for quite a while, the band set out to record an album that pushes past their boundaries - the glorious Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Amidst the recordings tensions build up within and without the band leading to break-ups and clashes with the label.

Although I Am Trying to Break Your Heart is a must-see for Wilco fans, I suspect that Sam Jones (a photographer and first time filmmaker) is trying to do for the band what Godard did for the Rolling Stones, or what Pennebaker did for Dylan, or what Bruce Weber (another photographer turned filmmaker) did for Chet Baker - namely to capture something intangible about the musician and their process...their magic.

I, myself, am not a huge Wilco fan. I have some Mp3s, not whole albums of their work, and I have longed to become better acquainted with them. I sense in Jeff Tweedy and the gang a true dedication to the art of music - a purity of expression. As a music geek, how could I not want to get closer to them and see how they capture their fire. I am truly looking forward to this film.

And I might add that the song I Am Trying to Break Your Heart is perhaps one of the best songs of the last ten years.

So come and check out the film this Monday...unless you are a studio head, distributor and/or music label - you are all invited to a screening of the film "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels." (Ha ha, just kidding...making a funny, you know...anyways about that script I sent you...)

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