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FILM CLUB: Enter the Dragon@Boa 10/02

Posted by Omar / October 1, 2006


Isn't everyone just a little sick and tired of Yuen Wo Ping? You know, the guy who choreographs every martial arts sequence from the Matrix to Crouching Tiger Hidden Jet Hero. The guy whose made it impossible for practically every movie, even something as ridiculous as Charlie's Angels, not to have leads flying off walls, kicking foes in magic bullet time.

That's why we, the nefarious forces behind Film Club, are screening the 70s classic Enter The Dragon starring Bruce Lee. The screening is Monday, October 2nd at Boa Taverne Modern (5301 St. Laurent). Free admission. Beer and Popcorn available for your consumption.

Although I haven't seen that many Bruce Lee films, Enter the Dragon was his international success film - and it shows. Lee had a lot of charisma, and nobody does the kung fuey like he. The exagerrated facial expressions, the lunatic shrieks and yelps as he crushes bones and stomps on foes is so old-school, so fun to watch, so friggin' brilliant. Forget DeNiro, anyone who could commit to such dynamic mannerisms with purity and commitment deserves awards and praise.

As a film, Enter the Dragon is more like a Hong Kong Superfly than a Crouching Tiger. It also was clearly influenced by James Bond films and features such staples as the villian with the purring cat. As a plot, the film is - yeah whatever. Lee's out for revenge and we get to see him take it for well and good. That's all that really matters.

And if you are a film distributor or studio head reading this post.....I took karate lessons for two weeks back in 1985, don't mess with me - Hiyaaaaaaah Wah!

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