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Four Eyed Monsters in Montreal

Posted by Jer / October 17, 2006

Boy and Girl meet online. Both Boy and Girl are too shy to introduce themselves offline so they decide only to communicate through mediated forms. Boy and Girl are also artistically inclined and decide, eventually, to make a movie of their courtship. Boy and Girl and Film get rave reviews at festivals and screenings around the world but still have no distribution deal. They resort instead to Myspace marketing and visiting cities by request or by chance to show the film.

The boy is Arin Crumley, the girl is Susan Buice and the film is Four Eyed Monsters. Luckily for Montreal, the filmakers are in town for a conference and have decided to screen the film here. They claim not to have all that many fans in town, but if you've checked out their intimate meets awkward meets charming "making of the movie" video podcast, you know the flick may appeal to this city's creative set. They do most of their promotion through word-of-mouth, blogs and social networking, so consider this some word of blog mouthworking (top that, tipping point).

Check out the trailer and the podcast and come support Boy and Girl and Film tonight.

Tuesday, October 17th

3530 St. Laurent Boulevard

Time: 8pm
Cost: 7$ at the door



OJ / October 18, 2006 at 10:44 am
Went to see this last night. Really good movie, really well done, and well, just real. - looking forward to catching up on the video podcasts
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We need a lot more inhgtsis like this!
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