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FILM CLUB: Seven Samurai@Boa 11/13

Posted by Omar / November 10, 2006

Seven Samurai3.jpg
"Hold Seven and we'll watch them fall. " - 7, Prince.

I don't care what any of you hipster-fuckers say, it's still a great song. But I don't quote it to justify post Sing o' The Times Prince to all of you, but rather to illustrate the strange fascination we all hold with "seven." Especially when it comes in groups. Like say, The Group of Seven. Seven Dwarfs. The Magnificent Seven (both a film and song by The Clash). Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. And of course that strange and silly film, SE7EN with those silly old deadly sins.

So it is with pure mythological anticipation that I anticipate screening The Seven Samurai this Monday at Film Club. As always -- free admission + the availability of beverages (and sometimes popcorn). Please come by after 8:30.

The Seven Samurai is about a small village in Japan besieged by bandit raids. In desperation, they use their limited resources to procure the services of a kindly Samurai, who assembles a group - the Seven Samurai. Despite the mutual resentment between the Samurai and the peasant class, this group of tattered Samurai must decide whether to break with tradition and help the farmers and fight the bandits, or whether to exact vengeance on the same farmers for past abuses to Samurai.

As a film buff, I have somehow made it through my life without seeing The Seven Samurai. I have, however, seen my fair share of Kurosawa and can only conclude that we are in for a real treat. Kurosawa is not the Japanese exporter of art-house cinema that his detractors make him out to be. He is a real philosopher. It only takes one viewing of Rashoman (one of the greatest films ever made), to see that.

I also love him because he's the only filmmaker who has dared to adapt Dostoevsky's difficult novel The Idiot to the big screen (and adapting it to turn of the century Japan no less).

And finally one last selling point - the brilliant Toshiro Mifune. The Japanese Robert De Niro to Kurosawa's Scorsese. As cool as Bronson in Once Upon a Time in America -- or Lee Marvin in anything, Mifune was a great presence in cinema. He could provide great comic relief or just look super cool and intense. The cinema loves certain actors especially, Mifune is in that circle.

And as for you, my dear film distributors or studio heads who may be wondering about screening rights et al...I have this to say: "Hold Seven and we'll watch them fall, they stand in the way of love and we will smote them all with an intellect and a day your seven will die..." (I love quoting Prince in a threatening manner).



Dave / November 12, 2006 at 10:58 am
Can I just say that Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is a fantastic movie.
Open / February 5, 2015 at 05:50 am
I watched Six String Samurai back in the day and didn’t rlealy know what to make of it back then. The only things I remembered were the weird tinny voice of the Buddy Holly samurai, and the awesomeness of the Red Elvises.Will have to check this out again.
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