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10 Videos To Get You Through The Family Hours

Posted by Drew / December 18, 2006

Dionfamily.jpgMy family has all of the repression and avoidance of the best WASPS, without, unfortunately, the ritualized alcohol intake to make the situation feasible--even heady.
Yes, Happy Holidays.

The solution with the family is often to watch some videos. Here are 10, almost family films, to get you through the Holidays in style.

In Good Company - Sweet, good natured, funny and intelligent. Much underrated at the time of its release.

The Thin Man – I will never forget William Powell shooting the hanging ornaments off the Christmas tree. BB gun in one hand; martini in the other. Hangover already in place. I have often wished that these two were my parents.

Footloose – A town in need of healing. A boy who just wants to kick up his heels. Like many 80s films, it is the unsettling mix of raging 80s vapidity alongside an incongruous gravity in parental scenes played out by serious 70s thesps. (I don’t know. Kids could watch this. I think.)

Romy And Michele’s High School Reunion – See it. Ask no questions. Just see it. 80 redux done exactly right, with Mira Sorvino’s true Oscar-worthy performance.

The Bad News Bears – The original. Why? Of all the films I saw as a young child in the 70s, I have the clearest memories of this one. I learned many slightly evil and incredibly valuable lessons from it. Kids will love it and adults won’t be bored. And it’s not fucking dopey animation.

Die Hard – The office Christmas party is a genius backdrop for a film about disaster and mayhem, ruthless baddies and, of course, courageous ex-drunks. (I think Bruce Willis is supposed to be an ex-drunk.) To honour the film, my friend posed as my ex at this year’s office shin-ding.

Good Sam – This 1948 Leo McCarey film, starring Gary Cooper and Ann Sheridan, should become the new It’s A Wonderful Life.

Something Wild – Noah Baumbach’s commentary on The Squid And The Whale just reminded me that is may is worth checking this film out again. (Not for kids).

The Squid And The Whale – The film of our childhood. And of our adulthood, too. A film to watch with your siblings. (Not for kids).

The Ref – Destined to become a Christmas classic, with Denis Leary at his hard-bitten finest. (Not so much for kids, but nothing too terrible goes on—just lots of swearing.)



Omar / December 19, 2006 at 04:18 pm
I echo Squid and the Whale, Something Wild, Die Hard, Romy and Michelle..

Footloose, I'm on the fence about - though the final dance sequence is one of the best cinematic moments ever.

I would add 'groundhog day' (deeply profound, super enjoyable), 'the bells of st. marys' (should also be the new it's a wonderful life), and 'bad santa' (definetely not for kids).

What's In Good Company?
Fairfax / December 20, 2006 at 01:18 pm
Please tell me that's a photo of a young Celine Dion watching a young Celine Dion on TV with her family, one of whom just happens to be holding a picture of a young Celine Dion? Where on earth did you dig that up?
drew / December 20, 2006 at 02:11 pm
Yes. Yes, it is a young Celine Dion watching a young Celine Dion on TV with her family, one of whom IS holding a piture of a young Celine Dion--a hall of mirrors and all the reflections are Dion.
I took this photo of Dion's website.
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