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FILM CLUB: Jesus of Montreal@Boa 12/11

Posted by Omar / December 9, 2006

It had to happen at some point. Film Club had to honor a Montreal filmmaker. And since I'm not quite ready for my big-ticketed film retrospective, complete with awards and film groupies - I suppose we can pick someone who's more established.

Denys Arcand's Jesus of Montreal is the next film we'll be showing at Film Club. Boa Taverne Modern - 5301 St. Laurent - Free Admission - Drinks and Popcorn - yada yada. Come by after 8:30.

Although I've seen this film years ago, at the crummy Carlton theatre in Toronto, now that I am a neo-montrealer (thank you mr.mayor), I've been especially curious to see the film again.

The story of a group of actors who stage a production of the passion play on the mountain, only to find themselves absorbing the spirit of their roles, is a piece of transcendental cinema with a light, airy touch. It revels in hipster cynicism but allows you to flirt with the angelic without feeling corny.

One rarely thinks about geography in relation to film. It's just a small attribute of the plot. But a sense of place can really inform a film, and how you relate to that place can influence how you watch it. When I saw Last Night (by the uber pretentious Don McKeller), I actually enjoyed it tremendously - because it finally captured the look and feel of Toronto. The Toronto I know and love. (Keep your boos and hisses to yourself, Montreal).

I am ready to re-watch Jesus of Montreal and see what my experience of Montreal lends to the viewing. Films are always aspiring to be universal - it is a large scale mass medium. So there is something special and thrilling about being able to relate to a film in ways others can't.

So lets revel in being in cold, icy Montreal in December. Toss back some drinks and see our city portrayed in all the passion and glory that is Jesus of Montreal.

And as for all you film distributors and studio head - don't make Jesus angry. If you make Jesus angry he'll hurl lightning bolts down upon you, and smite you, and your tongue shall cleave to the roof of your mouth and you'll feel really itchy, and then you'll stub your toe...



Alex / December 9, 2006 at 02:35 pm
Hi Omar, what is the "Film Club" that you're talking about? It sounds interesting.
Hugo / December 9, 2006 at 05:31 pm
I think the guy above is a cup. Anyway, I would like to go see this film that I've never seen but only if it's in Widescreen. The old DVD only has it in the academic ratio. Let me know. And, I have an English friend, will it have subtitles?
Omar / December 10, 2006 at 12:04 pm
Alex, to find out what Film Club is about check out this earlier posting from august -

and Hugo..I don't know the aspect ratio, and won't know til before the screening, because we get the movie just prior to screening it. If you want, you could phone the bar and ask T'Cha Dunleavy, sometime after 8pm about it. And yes we will be screening it with English subtitles.
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