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FILM CLUB: Nightmare Before Xmas@Boa 12/18

Posted by Omar / December 16, 2006


I don't have that much to say about Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, because I haven't seen it.

But in the continuation of our themed month of twisted Christmas films (starting with The Killer and followed by Jesus of Montreal), Nightmare Before Christmas appears to revel in everything that I find delightful about this holiday.

The black gothic tendencies of Christmas; the Edward Gorrey/Kafkaesque touches; and a dash of the macabre to make that most sacharine of holidays a little more bearable. This is what Nightmare Before Christmas promises.

Screening at Film Club, Boa Taverne Modern (5301 St. Laurent) this Monday. Free admission. Popcorn and drinks available. Please come by after 8:30.

The story revolves around Jack Skellington, the pumpkin king of Hallowe'en town. Bored with Hallowe'en, he stumbles into Christmas town and tries to get Halloween town to go Christmas town.

Aside from that alluring premise, the film was directed by the brilliant animator Henry Selick, who also animated and directed James and the Giant Peach, and did the animation sequences for Wes Anderson's The Life Aquatic and the upcoming Fantastic Mr. Fox. The cinematic animator is at once both the most self-indulgent auteaur and occasionaly one of the more brilliant (read my earlier piece on Norm McClaren for more information).

That this film is considered one of the crowning jewels of animated cinema is anotther reason why I think it an excellent film for screening.

And as for you film distributors and studio heads who may want to shut us's Christmas time, there's no need to be they know its Christmas time at all!

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