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Local Indie Film Makes Good on Internet

Posted by Robyn / January 26, 2007

"Automatic Vaudeville introduces a bold new experiment in indie film distribution!"

I've been noticing, in my many and varied internet voyages and sojourns and escapades, that an increasing number of independent filmmakers have discovered the amazing possibilities of sharing their films online. That's right, File Sharing doesn't always mean Piracy! Sure, the "evils" of "downloading" make for "glamourous" media stories, but the heart of the matter is Sharing (the spleen of the matter is Files), and who doesn't like to share?

Well, a lot of people. Just like in preschool, there are always going to be a few bad seeds hogging the blocks and setting up shop in the corner to monopolize the blue crayon holdings regardless of the detriment to creative minds. But the truth is: Art needs to be shared. So when the talented Montreal filmmakers at Automatic Vaudeville decided recently to offer one of their feature films as a downloadable torrent file, well, my creative mind felt a solidarity.

"The Recommendations", a 2005 comedy about jealousy and revenge in the literary milieu, has been shown at a few film festivals and received favourable press attention - yet how many people have seen it? It gives me pain behind my eye that more people see things like the tragic remake of "The Wicker Man" than see great indie films made by people who could be living right around the corner from them. Massive flaws in system. While "The Recommendations" is available on DVD, distributing an independent film throughout North America requires time and money, something most independent artists a) do not have so much of, and b) would probably prefer to spend on, y'know, making more art. Enter the Torrent File of the Future.

Set up with a simple Creative Commons licence and the ability to be viewed on most media players (I recommend VLC), the file is free and easy for our viewing pleasure. It's currently up on the following three trackers:

So, if you enjoy supporting the endeavors of Montreal artists, and if you enjoy film and comedy and the literary milieu, and if you enjoy the Internet and its entertainment possibilities, and if you enjoy the freedom of the creative mind unblocked of quotidien capitalist pressures, then (legally!) download away. Feel the Future!

For more info on past, current and future Automatic Vaudeville projects, see They're also using the magic of YouTube, which apparently is not only for videos of cats doing funny things.

(oh, and if you're not familiar with torrents, here's a good little tutorial.)



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