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This Week in Film: April 28th 2007

Posted by Daniel / April 28, 2007

LynchLocations.jpgIn case you missed it, 800 of Montreal's most dedicated cineastes showed up at the Imperial Theatre on Thursday to watch a free screening of avant-garde artist Matthew Barney's latest cinematic creation Drawing Restraint 9. If you didn't arrive early, you were most likely denied entry into what was a packed house.

The film proved to be a haunting, often breathtaking exploration of bizarre rituals aboard a Japanese whaling vessel--well worth the non-existent price of admission. Kudos to the DHC/ART Foundation for this sumptuous gift.

For those of you that couldn't make it but still need your weekly dose of otherworldliness--fear not. The folks over at SPASM offer a screening at Club Soda (125 St-Laurent) for the DVD launch of their Science-Fiction I--a collection of 13 Quebec-made science fiction shorts. The films manage to spoof, mimic and transcend some sci-fi classics. This happens tonight and admission is 10 dollars.

If you want to impress your date this week with your impeccable taste in film, take him/her/it to see Mike White's--The genius behind Chuck and Buck and School of Rock--directorial debut Year of The Dog starring ex SNL alum Molly Shannon. The film will make you and your date cringe, cry and ultimately smile because really--who doesn't like a story of awkward rebirth and eventual self-acceptance.

Also this week, Cinema Du Parc offers the opening chapter of their David Lynch retrospective featuring such oneiric classics as Blue Velvet and Wild at Heart. There is perhaps no better way to see these masterpieces than on the big screen so don't miss it. Bonne Cinema ladies and gents.

Opening This Week:

Kickin' It Old School
The Condemned
The Invisible

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