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This Week In Film: May 4th, 2007

Posted by Daniel / May 4, 2007

This week Concordia's Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema gives you the chance to see the world through the fresh lenses of some of their brightest students. The MHSOC Film Festival 2007 begins tonight at Cinema Du Parc and runs all the way through until the 10th with a "Best of The Fest" finale.

The films run the gamut from documentaries to animations to straight up narratives in both French and English. Standouts include Benjamin Gueguen's Babylone, a painterly, chilling take on the apocalypse as well as Jean-Guillaume Bastien's Les Acteurs Amoureux--an ambiguously charming romantic nugget.

The films are injected with a passion and spirit that bode well for the future of cinema in this province and country. The students show a refreshing willingness to experiment with the medium and turn a blind eye to derivative cinematic conventions. For a full program guide of films and events click HERE.

When one thinks of Daft Punk, the words contemplative, silent, and meandering may not be the first that come to mind. Never-you-mind--it is these words that best describe their directorial debut Daft Punk's Electrorama which plays as part of La Biennale De Montreal on May 11th at the Cinematheque Quebecoise. Fans of the French electro pioneers (who have clearly been watching one too many Gus Van Sant films as of late) can expect to see some of their trademark melancholy robots with shiny domes but that's about it. A departure for the duo to say the least.

Finally, some movie called Spiderman 3 opens this weekend but there's no use in writing about that here. Just stick your head outside and I'm sure you'll be smacked in the face with some buzz-laden debris. The film has been getting mixed reviews but what's really important is that finally studio execs will be able to put some food on the table and provide for their children. So let's just sit back and watch the money roll in...

Opening This Week:

Spiderman 3
Inland Empire
Civic Duty
Lucky You
Away From her

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