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Every Week in Film:The Good, The Bad, and the Purposely Bad

Posted by Melanie / August 4, 2007

I appreciate bad movies (and TV, and music...) but only when they are made with the intention of being good, or at least follow some standard of quality. Based on most (if not all) of the mainstream movies I've seen this year, I'd have to assume that making good movies is no longer a concern.
This being said, Disney's Underdog opened this weekend (AMC forum). Starring Jason Lee...for whatever reason. Maybe the same reason why he is playing Dave in the upcoming Alvin and the Chipmunks movie. I think he's trying to be ironic or something but just failing miserably. It's a little embarrassing. Was it necessary to make a movie about a dog that can talk and fly? I don't know if this is paranoid, but I am starting to think that the amount of bad movies this year is an obvious conspiracy of some sort.

I suppose it's judgemental to victimize a Disney movie I have no intention of seeing (ever), or cliche to conspiracize/ rant against movies online. However... I am only using Underdog as an obvious example of the many low quality films Hollywood keeps spitting out- only because there seem to be too many for it to be an accident. It almost seems like "they" are producing worse and worse movies in an effort to lower our standards, so that one day they won't have to try at all. Or maybe we are already at that point (You'll have to remember, that Bratz movie opened this weekend too...you know, that movie based on slutty dolls).
I was starting to think that maybe I had conformed to this ploy, that I had actually started wanting to see bad movies. Now I am thinking, maybe there are only bad movies, and bad movies disguised as good ones. For example, if you are not seeing an indie flick, you are most likely stuck seeing:
1) A sequel (or the ever popular, prequel) in a series
2) Something based on a product
3) Something where they clearly didn't try at all ...(you may notice, Spiderman3 fits into all 3 categories at this point...)
4) The bad movie posing as a good movie. AKA movies based on true stories or personalities. There are definately some GOOD movies based on true stories and real people, but this seems to give people the allusion that this criteria assures a tasteful and properly documented film. There are definately too many films that took advantage of the 'based on a true story' idea. (Unconvinced? Rent Glitter).
Is it just me? Is there hope for mainstream cinema? Was there ever?

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kim / August 6, 2007 at 12:57 pm
I was wondering pretty much the same thing while suffering through the previews at The Simpsons movie.
Melanie / August 7, 2007 at 05:26 pm
It's almost crazy. I am noticing it a lot with music too.
Daniel / August 7, 2007 at 06:44 pm
Although it's undeniable that there is alot of shit in cineplexes these days, there's is still a large amount of quality stuff out there too. This summer alone has produced KNOCKED UP, one of the funniest and sweetest comedies in years (as well as the yet-to-be released SUPERBAD by the same filmmakers.) Danny Boyle's recently released SUNSHINE is intelligent sci-fi at its best. 300 was innovative and bold and THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM is a skillfully made action film. don't lose hope just yet...
Melanie / August 7, 2007 at 10:12 pm
Fair enough. I'm still just trying to get over Spiderman3. I actually wanted to find Tobey Maguire and punch him after that movie. Only Jared Leto can be Jared Leto!
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