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The Future of Film

Posted by MP / August 13, 2007

If you're looking for something new and fresh this weekend look no farther than the 2007 Young Cuts film festival. It starts this Thursday with an Opening Gala in support of the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada. You can meet and greet the filmmakers, all are under the age of 25.

The main screenings begin on Friday the 17th at Cinema du Parc straight to the Closing Gala and Awards show on Thursday, August 23rd. Each day has a specific theme to it. For example, the screenings on Saturday at 1 pm are categorized as "Conversations Francais" with films such as "Noir Obscur" and "Sous Ma Peau". The theme on that day seems pretty obvious but at 5 the films are all under the banner "Teddy Bears & Gravity". Best guess as to what that means but with titles such as 'Pot Roast" and "Smilin' In the Rain" it's sure to be fun. As a former film student, I can appreciate the time and effort that goes into making a film so go out and support them by watching their work.

The Opening Gala tickets are 90 bucks and will benefit the CCAC. Dress nicely for that. Contact Cinema du Parc for screening prices and visit the Young Cuts website for screening schedule.

Picture from Young Cuts

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