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"This is Your Brain on Anime"

Posted by Melanie / August 24, 2007

Japanese Director Satoshi Kon's Paprika opened this weekend at both Cinema du Parc and the AMC. Personally anime has always creeped the hell out of me but there has been a remarkable amount of hype surounding the transcendence of this film. The visuals are said to be stunning, overwhelming and basically proof that anime is foremost a Japanese art (as opposed to an American Saturday morning cartoon).

If you know as little about anime as me and thought it was just Sailor Moon or something that causes seizures, than this movie might be worth seeing for the premise alone. The story follows a psychotherapist who's alterego "Paprika", can gain access to people's dreams to discover their anxieties and manipulate their unconscious. Almost like if Waking Life was Japanese and less pretentious.

Watch the trailer here.
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