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Fair Enough

Posted by Melanie / September 23, 2007

This really annoys me because I clearly thought of filming a remake of Snow White years ago, and the only difference is my remake wasn't a lame Amanda Bynes movie. I don't mean to complain all the time, but COME ON. Who's idea was this? Who was like, hey lets make Snow White but instead of seven dwarfs, we'll have seven dorks. Then some guy was like "Brilliant! See if we can get Lindsey Lohan! She's in rehab? Get Amanda Bynes!" Stupid Hollywood. There's not even a talking mirror or any freaks in this movie, just unpopular kids teaching the cooler kids a lesson. Where's the edge? I feel like someone is stealing my ideas and then producing them poorly.

That's all. Sydney White (which is supposed to be like SNOW White, I guess, I didn't really catch it at all until the trailer kept emphasizing this is supposed to be a modern day Snow White goes to greek week kind of thing) opened this weekend basically everywhere. What Disney movie would you like to see remade badly? Bed Knobs and Broomsticks? The Secret Garden? Why do kids movies have such suggestive titles?

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