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The Hunting Party

Posted by Melanie / September 9, 2007

Sometimes I think there is really nothing better than lying around on the weekend watching whatever movies are on TV (preferably of the 90's chick flick persuasion). I am generally open to what I will watch if it's on TV. In no way am I commending filthy made for TV movies, rather the movies you would never really bother renting but don't mind watching while you hide out in your apartment being lazy and reclusive. For instance, today was wasted watching What Women Want (which I have seen before and still think is wonderful, despite Gibson’s public breakdown last year) and Monster in Law with Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda.

Anyway, it just made me think of how uncontroversial Jane Fonda is these days. She plays a miserable mother-in-law in a JLo movie and a tough grandma or something in a Lindsey Lohan movie. But whatever, I guess people get a little bored or old to play in controversial left wing movies , or maybe there is just a lack of scripts for that sort of thing these days as the documentry fad basically took over that genre.

The point is, (if you waited this long to see it,) Richard Gere stars in Richard Shepard's The Hunting Party opening this Friday. The very dreamy Gere plays an ex-Emmy award winner who shows us inside the sexy world of TV journalism. Basically a more Americanized and less controversial version of The China Syndrome (except of course, not at all but in essence, sure). The tagline says it better than I can, "Liars, Cheats, Playboys, Thieves, Journalists". Because journalists are like that. It's science.

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