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Dai Nipponjin is mad gem of Festival du Nouveau Cinéma

Posted by MP / October 13, 2007

20071013_dainippon.jpgI went to see Hitoshi Matsumoto’s Dai Nipponjin because it was called “hands down, the strangest picture in Cannes this year.”

Briefly: a middle-aged burnout with mysterious pride and a cat (what’s with the Japanese and cats?) gets a call when “baddies” appear, heads for the nearest electric substation and electrocutes his nipples. Now twenty stories tall with a Troll ‘do and stick, he lays the creatures low in confused mediocrity. His TV ratings suck, he doesn’t see his daughter enough, and reluctantly sells advertising space on his chest.

I loved this movie. I can’t say the last time I saw something so original. Playing with documentary, Japanese monster movie and Power Rangers styles, it is warm, artful deadpan, and when the violence at the end gets too real, I felt its depth like a strange little stream.

Just look at the shot on the right: a monster who tosses its eyeball around, and they made it to look melancholy? Amazing!

Last showing is October 18, 15h30 @ the Imperial. It’s a big hall and there’s room for all of you.

Image courtesy of Festival du Nouveau Cinéma

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