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The End is Here

Posted by Melanie / November 18, 2007

Rencontres Internationales Du Documentaires de Monteal comes to an end today, closing with a variety of films ranging from tightrope walking orphans to a man's fight to save the rain forest. I think it's the randomness of these films that make the festival exciting. The above picture is from a documentary called King Corn that is playing later today, ' An environmental, socio-economic and moral report on the consequences of corn monoculture'. When I first read the synopsis for it I immediately thought of the Family Guy news anchor "When we come back- can bees think? A new study proves, no they can not". After fully reading the review it looks pretty interesting, maybe because it is something you won't be able to see anywhere else. Either way this is the last chance to see it.

King Corn, as well as other documentaries about Tea, tightrope-walking orphans and the rain forest are playing today only. Details here.

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