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The Future is Unfriendly

Posted by Melanie / November 24, 2007

Cinema du Parc is amazing and will be showcasing director Ridley Scott's (American Gangster, Thelma & Louise) revolutionary sci-fi Blade Runner, this coming Friday.

Based on a story from Phillip K. Dick, and featuring the talents of the always sexy Harrison Ford and Daryl Hannah, Cinema du Parc will be presenting the director's 'intended cut' which is promising to somehow be different from the international, director's and theatrical versions. Hopefully it won't turn out to be that A.I. movie with Haley Joel Osment.

If anyone hasn't seen this, you absolutely have to. Not just because it's good, amazing or whatever, but because it's always great to see how the world is going to be in 2019, from a 1982 perspective.

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