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So Bad it's Good

Posted by Melanie / December 16, 2007

Cinema du Parc will be featuring an exciting variety of kitschy trailers from the 1950's to 1980's, December 27th at the "Trashy Trailers Thrilling Party". Anyone with a pastime or guilty pleasure for paracinema will be overjoyed at this event, which will be hosted by DJ XL5, who I have never heard of, but was apparently at Fantasia.

A tribute to the tacky, trashy and ridiculous, Cinema du Parc is promising two-hours of non-stop mayhem, horror, sci-fi, humongous moustaches, pathetic monsters, psychopath killers, blaxploitation, gratuitous nudity, cheesy FX, women in prison, bad taglines and MORE! I can't wait for the day 90's material is included in these sort of thing. I really feel that decade is underrated and constantly overlooked. Doesn't anyone remember MacGuyver, or this??

2 days AFTER Christmas. Irony-lovers, don't miss this.

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