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T'is the Season

Posted by Melanie / December 13, 2007

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without B-movies and cartoons (or computer animated cartoon-like movies). Sure they have annoying casting like Tim Allen, or Danny Devito, but they capture the spirit of the season, and are sure to get you in the Christmas mood (I used to work in a video store, so this became a bit of a tradition for me. Whenever I want to psych myself up for anything, (back to school, new job, whatever) I would watch an assortment of movies that anticipate that theme).

To get in the spirit without dipping too far into your pocket I recommend stopping by the Dollar Cinema to see a good or bad Christmas movie. Psyching yourself up for something with movies is more about quantity than quality anyway, so treat yourself to The Santa Clause 3 (if you can handle Martin Short and movies that have unnecessary sequels), Deck the Halls (for people who still have faith in Matthew Broderick movies, or just enjoy the traditional 'neighbors with a Christmas lights rivalry' theme) and the illusory Polar Express for something a little more 'magical'.

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