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Up The Yangtze

Posted by Melanie / February 22, 2008


The NFB brings us one of the most anticipated documentaries of the year, Up the Yangtze. Montreal based filmmaker Yung Chang shows us 'life inside the 21st century Chinese dream'. The story follows a girl who has left home to work on a luxury cruise boat that travels along the Yangtze, a curious river in China with the world's largest mega-dam. Showing class structure and a stunning backdrop, Yung Chang offers incredible insight and style. I want to say it's sort of like a more modern Chinese version of Dirty Dancing,but of course it isn't (perhaps more incentive to see it). This year's winner of the World Cinema Documentary Competition at Sundance, as well as the Best Canadian Documentary at the Vancouver International Film Festival, Up the Yangtze is really unlike anything I have ever seen.

Opens tonight at the AMC.

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