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Mel’s Wonder Kids of Light and Sound

Posted by Michael / May 3, 2008

goalie_trailerscreenshotmp.jpgPhoto courtesy of Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema

The Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema at Concordia is known for whirling out some fresh and original talent. It’s considered one of the best film schools - especially by the people who go there. At Cinema du Parc, from yesterday until the 8th, some staple short films by students in Mel’s various programs are being screened. You can find out, are Mel’s kids actually some of the best from ‘one of the best’?

Student films are delightfully interesting most of the time. Sure, we’ve all sat through one of our buddy’s tortured art shorts that features jump cuts of him yelling at inanimate objects and directly into the camera. I can’t promise that there will be none of that at the screenings, but hey, you won’t have to pretend you like it. You’ll probably see a couple shorts you like and a couple you don’t. It will be like a taster menu where you’re open to deploy your best criticisms unabashedly.

If you’re ambitions include making movies, then checking out these student films will give you a portent ‘in’ - a close vantage to ideas that make it or break it. I went with a filmmaking buddy of mine to a screener of the Best of the Fest (playing May 8th). During a film that we both agreed was one of the weaker projects, he managed to come up with two good film ideas. I guess that seeing something he didn’t like only inspired him to do better.

I was seriously impressed by most of the short films. These kids have some crazy talent.

Here’s an ode to the young and courageous shooters out there. Film Production: it’s like a relationship. More specifically, a fling, one that must work so well during such a short period of time and then wrap up quickly with no mess and no regrets. And just to mention, this little fling is almost always with a troop of people who are all working for a bigger slice of creative control with perhaps no solid idea for an ending. You make it work or watch it burn. Either way, you lived through it. Keep on shooting.

For more info about the festival, click here.



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