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Eat My Twisted Shorts 3: Just For Laughs Film Festival

Posted by Sarah / July 23, 2008

The mumblerLast Saturday night, I managed to drag my exhausted old self to the last event I was covering with the Just For Laughs Festival. After a week of running around and seeing much of what it had to offer, I trolled down for an evening of Twisted Shorts, an evening of short films. The evening offered a selection of movies from all over the world including Australia, a collaboration between France and UK, Australia, Belgium, as well as some from here and the US.

I expected the films to be strange, but THAT strange, not at all. I also expected the movies to be funny, but most of them weren't very funny, but rather extremely twisted and completely bizarre. They played with taboo themes quite a bit: violence, zombies, lots of puke scenes, tampons as Popsicles, hitchhiking and getting picked up by a sick man and getting to his even sicker daughter, every movie was more unconventional one than the other.

The first movie was by far the best one of the bunch. The Mumbler, a too-short 21 minutes from Belgium, was a hilarious movie about a weird man who lives with him mom and speaks in hilariously timid mumbles. From the first moment, this movie hooked me. The images and photography of this film was absolutely exquisite. The classical pieces that were picked for the music added a great punch to a movie with barely any words. It was strange at the beginning and moved into a very dark and strange type of humor. This short was fantastic.

However, much like the evening of International French-language shorts I saw the week before, the best came first and then left the audience hoping to see something half as great for the rest of the evening. Unfortunately, the ones that came afterwards kept disappointing me. I was expecting to laugh, but I didn't really. Though I'm not all that squeamish, all the gross twisted humor sort of made me queezy and managed to dissipate my intense craving for some greasy poutine.

In my opinion, if you're just going to show one great movie in a bunch of barely mediocre ones, at least put it in the middle and don't give it all up right at the beginning. It puts the bar way too high for the others to reach. That way I might've enjoyed the rest of them a little more.

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