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Movie Review | Un été sans point ni coup sûr

Posted by Jeff / August 21, 2008

Taking place in the summer of 1969, the year the Expo's came to town. This story follows a young boy named Martin. A 12-year old boy, who has a dream of playing for his local baseball team, as he's fallen in love with the Expos and baseball. He later learns he is not selected and is sad. His father, who is a bit wayward of the American game baseball, and knows nothing of it, comes to his rescue by creating a team B, formed by the other kids left behind. While going through the story of kids in the summer, and playing ball. It really shows a good personal story of baseball in Quebec, through the small family of characters, and how it was accepted and played. The bond between father and son, while not being to cheesy. Its tries to stay true to all historical events, and wardrobe, and feeling, even having one scene showing them watch the walk on the moon. It's a fun, feel good movie, it really re-kindles the fun times in the summer time with friends. It also adds a personal touch because it takes place here in Quebec, and is French. Even if you don't like baseball. Go see it, or at least rent it when it gets to DVD

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