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Countdown to Armageddon: 2880 Film Blitz @ Club Soda, May 31st

Posted by Ralph / May 30, 2009

20090529-blitz08.jpg"Friday or Saturday, what does that mean? Short space of time needs a heavy scene. Monday is coming like a jail on wheels..." - The Clash, 48 Hours

Sure, the above quotation isn't 100% relevant to the subject of this preview, but if you cross out a few words, you definitely get a sense of what 12 teams of both experienced and inexperienced filmmakers will go through starting tonight at 7pm sharp.

About a month ago, a citywide call was sent out for teams to register for the 7th edition of the 2880 Film Blitz, with very little details about the nature and the "theme" of this year's contest.

At an initial meeting at the Green Room, the 12 teams were picked out of a hat; those same 12 teams are heading towards le salon vert once again tonight at 7pm sharp to learn what secret theme and identical object they will have to incorporate to their 5 minute-film, which has to be written, shot, and edited in 48 hours.

As Michael-Oliver Harding, one of the Blitz's Producers, confessed during the 10 minutes he found to catch his breath this week: "it is more or less the first year we 'impose' a theme... and in a sense, documentary/mockumentary is such a broad theme that the word 'impose' is probably too pejorative to be used in such a context".

Moreover, the point of singling out a particular genre is also to remind people that the 2880 Film Blitz is the primary fundraiser for DOC Quebec, a non-profit organization that supports (i.e. keeps afloat) independent documentary filmmakers.

And if you were wondering: yes, some entries are expected to come in late and thus be disqualified (but still eligible for audience award). However, as Harding kindly remarked, most of them make it on time and every single film is screened.

Displaying an impressive and eclectic brochette of juries, the Blitz will be hosted by Matt Silver (of Who Is KK Downey?) and Maria Motta (from Nuevo Mundo Television).

You can check out the teams' final product this Sunday night at Club Soda:

Sunday May 31st
Club Soda, 1225 St-Laurent
Doors: 6pm

For more info, check out the Doc Quebec website.

Screenshot taken from "Gros Brunch", procuded by 'La Chose', the 2008 Winner of the Grand Jury Prize for Best Film

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